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Avalon spark plugsIt doesn't look anything like your typical ignition system with spark plug wires and all...

There's an aluminum cover over the manifold and underneath it on the front and backside of the injectors are three square caps that appear to have some circuitry on top. You'll want to turn slightly back and forth and pull up on these as they are the Spark Plug caps. Be aware of the light gage wires coming out of the cap. Once out, you've exposed the tubes where the spark plugs reside. Get the appropriate socket wrench & extension and go to it. The front set is relatively painless but the back set is in a tight space.

EasierA few details which might make your life easier (i just finished changing the spark plugs a few minutes ago on my 1995 Avalon):

1. You will need an Allen wrench to remove the plastic cover which says "3000 four cam". Once you remove the two Allen bolts and you've removed the cover, you'll see the three square spark plug boots which are attached to the engine body with 10mm bolts.

2. Make sure you have a 6 inch extension before you start. Once the spark plugs boots are pulled out, you'll notice that the spark plugs are in a well that's about 3.5 inches deep; so you won't be able to reach them without a socket extention.

3. The back plugs are in a very tight spot (you'll see the square spark plug boots just underneath the intake manifold, nearest to the passenger compartment). Buy a universal swivel joint for your ratchet AND another 6 inch extension. The space is so tight that i can't imagine anyone being able to get in. You'll need one extension on the end of the spark plug socket, you'll need the universal swivel joint attached to that extension, and then another extension attached to the universal swivel joint so that you can attach your ratchet at a point where you'll have enough space to move it.

Excluding the trips to the hardware store for the extensions and universal swivel joint for my ratchet, it took me about an hour and a half. Good luck to all those diyers who dare.

Extended versionI changed the spark plugs on my 1996 Avalon XLS using a standard 3/8" Socket Set Drive which I connected to a Great Neck Flexible Spark Plug Socket & Extension which has a 5/8" socket.

Great Neck # 28004

Its SKU = 76812 28004

The tool is 13 inches long (the extension is 11 of the 13inches)

It has a scored area on the extension making it easier to hand-start the plugs in their threads.

It has a swiveling socket with a rubber sleeve/grip to pull the unscrewed plugs out of the deep tubes.

This was the perfect tool to do this tight-spaces job for me in an hour or so.

I bought the tool at my local Autozone for about $10

Good Luck DIY'ers

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Q: How do you change the spark plugs on a 1997 Toyota Avalon?
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Under the hood of the 1995 Toyota Avalon, along each side of the engine block are the spark plugs. Make sure the engine is cool before starting. Remove the wires covering the spark plugs, which lead from the distributor cap. Use a socket wrench to remove the spark plugs. Take out the new spark plugs from each of the six boxes, use the gap tool to set the gap at .034 and screw the new plugs in. Use the socket wrench to tighten the spark plugs and put the wires back in place.

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