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If you have a v6 engine, you'll need a size 8 socket. First remove the three screws that hold the black cover on top being careful to not drop them. Next, you'll see the first 3 plugs with wires attached to them. These are the distributors for each plug. unplug them by squeezing the ends of the caps and pulling them off straight to the side. You will now loosen the distributor caps with the number 8 socket w/ extension and pull off the cap. You will find the spark plug under them which requires the small spark plug socket and extension. Do this one at a time with the engine cooled down otherwise it makes it difficult to unloosen them. Reverse the process to install them. Finally you'll have to undo some of the top manifold and some of the hoses to find the other 3 towards the middle of the engine closest to the firewall. You shouldn't need any gaskets as long as you are careful when pulling the top plastic manifold off. Be organized and remember where all the screws go when reinstalling the manifold and vacuum hoses back to the original areas. I did mine and took only about 15 minutes. Good luck!

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