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How do you change the spark plugs on a Hyundai XG350L?


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2012-03-17 18:50:25
2012-03-17 18:50:25

To change the plugs.

1. Remove plug wires. 2. Remove plugs. 3. Replace plugs. 4. Put wires back on plugs. 5. Have it towed to the repair shop after you screw it up.


EDIT --08/20/2008-- (wmcraft):

The front plugs are easy to get to, but the back three require removal of the intake manifold since the plugs are located in the cylinder head directly beneath it. This is not the easiest task. The first problem is that there are so many other things connected, including the wiring harness and lots of vac. hoses. Additionally, there are brackets along the rear of the manifold that need to be unbolted. Once you do that, the EGR valve will need to be disconnected from the manifold. Peek your head under the hood at that one before you jump in. If you do tackle this yourself, buy the best spark plugs that you can afford so that they last longer before the next time. Also, replace the ignition wire set at the same time. No point in saving the cash on those only to have them fail before the next plug change.

To say..."1. Remove plug wires. 2. Remove plugs. 3. Replace plugs...." is bogus. No pictures, no nothing on a very complicated system such as the XG350L. WHERE are the plugs, etc.?


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