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I use a special spark plug socket that has a universal joint built into it. This is the only way I've been able to get to the intake side spark plugs.

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Q: How do you change the sparkplugs on an '89 2.3 Ranger intake side?
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Which 4 plugs on a 97 ford ranger with a 2.3 8 plugs are the combustion plugs?

The 4 sparkplugs on the intake side ( drivers side )

How do you change the driver's side sparkplugs on a 1996 Ranger 2.3l?

This should be similar to a 1995, on it you have to remove the intake manifold to access the plugs, I have had one mechanic tell me he had special tools to avoid the removal but I never saw them.

How change rear sparkplugs in toyota-sienna 1998- 6 cylinder.?

You either have to remove the intake manifold. Or If you have small hands like me and remove them very slowly from the side of the intake system

96 ford ranger 4-cylinder but it has 8 sparkplugs were is the 1 plug located?

The engine cylinder at the front of the engine is the # 1 cylinder The spark plug on the intake side ( drivers side ) is the # 1 intake spark plug ( The spark plug on the exhaust side ( passenger side ) is the # 1 exhaust spark plug )

1995 ford ranger 2.3l engine which side has intake valves?

drivers side

Where is the EGR valve on a 2002 2.3L Ford Ranger Does the intake manifold have to be removed to replace it?

no its out side of the intake

Where is pcv 88 ranger 2.3?

to the right side under the intake manifold

Where is the ignition control module on your 94 ranger 2.3?

On the side of the intake manifold.

1993 Ford Ranger 4-cylinder plug wire diagram?

( 3 - 1 ) ( 2 - 4 ) Coil pack towers to exhaust sparkplugs on passenger side ( 4 - 2 ) ( 1 - 3 ) Coil pack towers to intake sparkplugs on drivers side ( spark plug wires cross over top of engine ) The spark plug firing order is ( 1 - 3 - 4 - 2 )

Where is the dpfe located on a 1999 ranger 4.0?

I believe it is on the drivers side of the engine , on the side of the upper intake manifold

There are 2 coils and 8 sparkplugs on a 2001 ford ranger 2.5 you have rebuilt engine which coil is intake and which is exhaust i assume it fires on exhaust too i need help gettin plug wires back?

Check out the website www . the ranger station . com (no spaces) In the upper right of your screen - click on technical library scroll down - towards left side of screen is RANGER ENGINES - TROUBLE SHOOTING click on 4 - cylinders scroll down for diagram ----------------------------------------- just adding to my answer , the front coil pack is for the drivers side plugs ( intake )

Where is the oil sensor located on a 1998 Ford Ranger?

under the intake manifold on the driver side by the firewall

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