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On a 1985 extended cab with 22R engine which I presume would be similar you remove the plastic top and bottom around the steering column, about 7 screws. Remove the instrument hood, 5 screws(1 each corner, 1 at end of dash by door). Remove 4 screws holding in instrument cluster. Release retaining clip that hold cable to back of speedometer, hard to get at unless you release cable from bracket on firewall. Depress clip on end closest to cable or gently lift bracket with small screwdriver or pick on end closest to speedometer. It is a nylon retainer that fits into a grove on the speedometer. Unsrcew the cable from the sending unit on the transmission, this is the large nut or knurles on the cable end. Hope this helps.

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2011-09-13 00:26:51
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Q: How do you change the speedometer cable on a 1989 Toyota SR5 pickup x-tra cab with a 22re engine?
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