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How do you change the starter on a 1998 gmc jimmy?

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Remove one battery cable, positive probably best. Remove flywheel/front transmission cover. Remove starter, 2 bolts up, may be support on end opposite flywheel. Remove 2 wires, reverse process to replace. May be 1 or more shims between starter and motor. Keeps starter from grinding on flywheel, may or may not be needed with new starter.

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Where is the oil pump on a 1998 GMC Jimmy?

where is the oil pump on a 1998 gmc jimmy in the oil pan.

Where is the starter located at on a 2000 gmc jimmy?

My 2000 GMC Jimmy is slow cranking. The battery voltage meter is showing charged so I am assuming that the starter is the problem. Where do I find the starter to remove it?

How do you remove starter from 95 gmc jimmy 4x4?

To change the starter on a GMC Jimmy 95 you must look under the truck and locate the starter. There will be a bar in the way of removing the starter. You will have to remove the two screws and manuver the starter around the bar. This will be tricky so take your time. Once you remove the starter replace with the new one and manuver back in place screw in and your done.

Location 1998 gmc jimmy rear reservoir for back window?

gmc jimmy rear reservoir location

How do you change the ignition switch on a 1996 GMC Yukon?

howdo you change an ignition switch on a 1996 gmc jimmy howdo you change an ignition switch on a 1996 gmc jimmy

Where is the starter on a 2000 GMC Jimmy?

The starter is on the right side of the engine. The right tire needs to be removed to access the starter.

What is the bolt pattern for a 1998 gmc jimmy?

It is 5x4.75

How many 02sensors do a 1998 gmc jimmy have?

There are 2 of them.

Where do you find the air door actuator at on a 1998 gmc jimmy?

The air door actuator on a 1998 GMC Jimmy is located in the dash. It is located behind the glove box.

What is the standard tire size on a 1998 GMC Jimmy?

per vehicle specs on a 1998 gmc jimmy 4x4, the correct size tires are 235/70/15

How do you replace an abs pump on a 1999 GMC Jimmy?

How do you change the abs pump on a 2001 gmc jimmy

Where is the starter on a 1996 gmc jimmy?

Look at the lower rear end of engine

What would make your 96 gmc jimmy not turn over with a good starter and alternator?

a defective starter switch

How do you change starter 2002 gmc sierra 1500?

A person an change the starter on a 2002 GMC Sierra 1500 by disconnecting the battery and removing the retaining bolts on the starter. The original starter is then disconnected from the wiring and a new starter reconnected.

Spark plug gap 1998 gmc jimmy?


Is there a chip in a 1998 gmc jimmy key?

No, there is no transponder in the key on a 1998 GMC of any kind.

'2000 gmc jimmy no floor heat but has defrost and vent heat'?

my 1998 gmc jimmy has no floor heat but i have defrost and ven heat

How do you replace a starter on a 1998 GMC Sonoma?

The starter on a 1998 GMC Sonoma is replaced by disconnecting the battery, removing the outer cover, and unbolting it from the engine. The wiring harness can then be disconnected, the starter removed, and a new one put in place.

How do you change 1998 GMC jimmy tailight bulb?

open the rear hatch you have two screws in the side holding the lens in place

What kind of gas do a of a red gmc jimmy 1998?

unleaded gas.

What is the socket size for plugs in a 1998 GMC Jimmy?


How do you change a tire on a GMC jimmy?

call AAA

What is the speaker size for 1998 gmc jimmy?

4x6" in the dash and 6.5" in the doors

What is the oil capacity of a 1998 gmc jimmy?

4 and one half quarts.

Where is the oil filter located on a 1998 GMC Jimmy?

by the bumper on the passenger side