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Put car on ramp or jack-up and support with safety stands. Then disconnect the neg. battery cable. Under the car there is a bolt and a wire connected to the starter. Remove and save to reinstall on new starter. There are 2 nuts attaching the starter to the flywheel. 1 you can see right at the bottom. Loosen it up but don't fully remove until the top one is off. Here comes the fun part. I worked for the top down. Remove the air intake, breather. A bunch of 10 mm bolts If you haven't changed your air filter lately

now is a good time so have a new air filter handy. Do it after you changed the starter. Now reach in an extension with a swivel socket works great. you might have to take off that connector on top of the transmission, that little gray box to get access to the bolt.

It is 180 deg. from the lower bolt. If the lower 1 was at 6 o'clock this 1 is at 12 o'clock. Look at the bolt pattern on the new starter as a guide. Once you loosen that up and remove. Go back under the car and remove that loose bolt. Wiggle out the old starter and be careful, there a a thin metal shim on these starters, you must remove from the old and put on the new one. Work the new starter into place make sure the shim is positioned correctly and rebolt the bottom,don't fully torque it up until the top is in. Then go back and torque the bottom. Then install the push on wire and rebolt the main starter cable to that center copper stud. put back all the parts removed and then the battery cable. Say good luck and start that engine. You should be smiling. If it is your first time I would give a couple of hours for the job, but once you do it. The next time is 45 mins. good luck. Steve9174536337

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Q: How do you change the starter on a 97 Dodge GC 33L?
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The starter solenoid is on the starter. The transmission solenoids are inside the trasnmission.

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dude you need a tune up

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On the front of the engine, at oil pan height

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Start with no starter??That car isn't going anywhere unless you change the starter or tow it.

What size socket fits the starter for a 97 dodge ram truck gas?

5/8 inch socket will fit the bolt and nut that hold the starter on.

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Its 15mm on my '97

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Look underneath on the driver's side of the engine block. The starter will ALWAYS be where the engine meets with the transmission, practically no matter what vehicle.

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How do you change a starter solenoid on a 97 Chevy s-10?

Should be located on the top of the starter Remove starterRemove 2 screws on sideTwist to remove (spring loaded)

Where is the starter relay on a 97 s10?

Your vehicle has a starter solenoid which is piggy back on the starter.

Instructions to change sliding door on 97 caravan?

The instructions to change the sliding door on a 97 Dodge Caravan are located in the service manual. This details the dis-assembly of the door and the location of electric components.

When to change the timing belt on a 97 dodge caravan sport with 3.3 V6 engine?

You don't change the belt because it has a timing chain.

What kind of socket is needed to change the oxygen sensor on 97 dodge caravan?

It is called an oxygen sensor socket.

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Were is located the starter in a kawasaki 1500cc year 97

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will a fram ph43 fit a 97 dodge 5.2 liter rng

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A 97 lx doesn't have a starter relay. The relay is built into the solenoid of the starter motor itself. It uses light voltage to transfer the power from the main cable to the starter motor itself.

When you try to start your 97 dodge neon it clicks once it has a brand new battery its a stick shift and starts fine by push starting it?

the relay or the starter motor is stuffed

97 Dodge Intrepid new fuel pump don't start?

97 dodge intrepid, new fuel pump, won't start

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Check your timing... Also make sure your distributor is still good... I just had to change mine on my 97 civic

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You can't. 95-96 were the only Neon's that came with fuel filters, after 97 Dodge stopped equiping external fuel filters