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smart answerYou take it to a mechanic.

---------------- for people with tools and who don't have $400 for labor----:

I am working on a 1993 Isuzu Trooper with the V6 engine.


Other web posts suggest the Isuzu starter is the same as a common General Motors light truck starter. (The transmission is GM based).

The battery power arriving at the starter solenoid is always hot. You must disconnect the battery ground before working on the starter.

Other web posts describe three approaches to getting clearance to remove the starter from the engine. The problem is this starter is hard to reach.

One approach is to remove 4 14mm motor mount bolts and raise the engine 1" using a floor jack and a wood block. See automotiveforums dot com. Users report this turns the starter job into a "2 hour job". Really now?

Another approach is to remove the bolt-on frame crossmember under the car. This crossmember is removed when doing trans filter replacement. See "How do you replace the starter in a 2000 Trooper."

The third approach is disconnect parts of the exhaust system. The problem is exhaust system studs, nuts, gaskets and bolts have to be replaced if you mess with them.

So far, my son and I have jacked up the Isuzu, removed the front wheel, tried to reach the starter through the wheel well, and we have found and turned the 2 13mm flex socket size attachment bolts. The battery is still connected and I can't reach the electrical connections to attach test leads. Getting the starter unwired and out of it's pocket is the big problem.

My starter extraction work plan is: jack engine first, remove crossmember second if needed. I really don't like to touch those old crusty exhaust system bolts.


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2012-06-05 05:56:56
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Q: How do you change the starter on your 1994 Isuzu trooper?
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