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Use an exhaust made for an LT1 engine the blocks are identical it is the insides that is different. Will bolt right on.

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Q: How do you change the stock single exhaust to dual on a 1994 43L Caprice?
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If you were going to change a stock exhaust-- y-pipe-- on a 1978 corvette what type of exhaust system would you install?

== ==

How fast is a Yamaha qt50?

30 mph stock...40 if you change the exhaust and bore it out

What is the stock exhaust piping diameter of a 3G Eclipse GS?

The stock exhaust diameter is 2 inches

Can you bolt shorty headers on your 89 305 tbi Chevy caprice with air without reduing your exhaust system?

Probably, but you will probably have to get some pipes made to attach to your existing exhaust system becasuwe the outlet on the headers will obviously not be in the same place as your stock manifold outlets.

Did 1986 caprice come with a 307?

no comes stock with a 305

What size tires fit on a 1981 caprice classic?

Kindly tell, what is P.C.D of stock Rim of chevrolet caprice classic 1981

How much horse power does a Chevy Nova 305 have?

In stock form it was 130-145 net horsepower @ 3200-3800rpm depending on the year. That's with a 2bbl carb and the stock 2.25" single exhaust.

If you put headers on an 1978 elcamino do i have to change the whole exhaust?

The answer would be "No, you don't have to". If you installed exhaust headers to improve performance then you might consider if your current exhaust system compliments the headers. Headers are designed to help evacuate exhaust gases and minimize back pressure. If an engine has exhaust headers that collect into a small single muffler and pipe then the effort is somewhat defeated. BUT, if the headers are installed for the "cool factor", and there is nothing wrong with that, then go ahead and use the stock pipes or as much as you can.

Why my 84 Chevy Caprice not getting fire?

just because your is stock and the classic caprice grandparent car do you expect it's fire lol

Are stock diesel exhaust systems louder than custom diesel exhaust systems?

While stock diesel systems are very loud they are not the loudest type of exhaust you can get. To get an exhaust that is extremely loud you're going to need to go with the custom or bolt on route.

How and where can you install a Dual Exhaust system on your stock 1999 Cherokee Sport?

Auto parts retailers can usually order those kits for you if they don't have them in stock. FALSE jeep Cherokees can have a single side exhaust ordered from any parts dealers if you want a dual exhaust your going to need to go to a exhaust shop and have them custom fab you one. nobody makes one as a kit i have a flowmaster exhaust, with dual pipes out the back. My buddy made this from the cat back, sounds GREAT... :)

How do I increase horsepower in a mustang?

change your stock heads to trickflow heads You can also change your throttle body to a bigger millimeter. Add a cold air induction system, get a tuner, change your exhaust, and also change your cam.

Can a 1991 caprice have a 5.7L motor stock?

Police Package (9c1) had 5.7

What is the difference between a stock caprice and a police caprice?

A stock Caprice has a 5.0 engine( the 305), the Police (actually called the 9C1 Caprice) Caprice has an Lt1 350, a very powerful motor that is easily modified. the 9C1 Caprice also has upgraded heavy duty sway bars, suspension, and axles with its 5 x 5 truck bolt pattern as opposed to stock 5 x 4.75 pattern. But there was also a Caprice Classic LT version which also had a LT1 V8 5.7L in 1996. And After the 1996 GM (General Motor Company) Changed that Caprice Into the Impala SS. But that Impala SS had sportier Leather Seats than LT version and Rear disk brakes, better than the drum brakes the LT's have.

Ninja 900 exhaust?

what year 900 ninja exhaust? If you want stock exhaust for a 1984-1986 Kawasaki GPz900r then I know where you can get them new.

What transmission came stock in the 94 caprice sedan?

The Transmission on a 1994-1996 caprice is a 4L60E basically an electronically controlled version of the 700R4 which is hydraulically controlled.

What is a exhaust pipe used for?

An exhaust pipe is used to excrete the co2 from the gas that has been burned in the engine it is usually snakes to thw back or side of the truck so that it is out of the way. If you get a bigger exhaust pipe than the stock one you can usually get some more power from your engine. You can also get an exhaust kit with a switch the can change the amount of exhaust exiting the pipes.

How do you get your stock snowmobile exhaust louder?

hollow out the muffler

Will 22 rims on a 85 Caprice have some rubbing if you leave the car stock?


How many exhaust tips are on a 1993 subaru legacy wagon?

On a stock exhaust, there is one muffler and two tips

What exhaust sounds best in a 1990 Toyota pickup V6 4X4 3L?

Stock Toyota exhaust system.

How much horsepower does a 1989 Ford Crown Victoria LTD have with a stock 5.0 V8?

150 with single exhaust. 160 with dual

96 caprice v8 5.7 how would it compare to your friends 03 mercury marauder 4.6 v8?

Agreed, stock for stock the marauder would win. However, the caprice does have the LT1 motor with a lot of potential to be unlocked, the marauder too, but it would be a lil more costly. For the Caprice, if u get a programmer, intake, exhaust, re-do the gears and a couple other inexpensive mods, the Caprice would kill that Mustang GT motor easily and you'd be pushing close to or a lil more than 400hp. You get A LOT of power with that power especially! The Marauder is also a sleeper as well, because you can get a used M112 supercharger for dirt cheap and then that 320hp marauder is now 400hp+ and packin more in torque.

Is a 700R4 the stock transmission in a 94 caprice sedan?

tecnicaly yes it was renamed 4l60 e

Stock speaker size for 1984 caprice?

The front speakers is 4x6, and the rear speakers is 6x9.