Ford Expedition XLT

How do you change the tail light bulbs on a 2006 Ford Expedition XLT?



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Open the tailgate

Locate the two Torque Screws that are between the door jam and the light housing. Remove those two screws. I believe it's a T15, not going to swear on the size of the torque driver.

Now for the tricky part...

The light fixture has to come straight out to the rear of the vehicle. There are 4 flanged guides that are very snug. When I took my housing off I had to very carefully use a rubber coated flat screwdriver and gently wedge the housing off. Standing on the side of the vehicle, I insert the flat screwdriver in between the housing and the vehicle and carefully apply pressure. I then went to the back side of the truck and inserted the driver and pryed against the post there gently easing it rearwards. There is probably an easier way but this is how I did it.

Once the housing is away from the vehicle, twist the light bulb housing counterclock wise. Pull out the bulb, insert the new bulb and re-assemble the light fixture.

This advice comes with out any warranties, do this at your own risk, if you break the lightbulb housing it will probably cost you $100 to buy a new one.