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Shedding some lightYou actually have to remove the entire tailight assembly in order to replace the bulbs. You will need a medium lentgh Phillips (#2)screwdriver. There are three screws to remove, 2 on the side of the housing toward the front of the vehicle (inside the black plastic "brush guard") and one at the rear of the vehicle between the bumper and the trim piece under the tailight (you have to stick the screwdriver between the trim and the top of the bumper). Remove the 2 side screws first, then the bottom screw. Pull carefully from the rear of the vehicle and the tailight assembly should come straight off. Replace your bulb(s), them carefully set the bottom screw so that it will stay in place while you put the tailight back. Tighten bottom screw, but not snug, you want to leave it loose so you can line up all the guides. Replace the side screws, then tighten the bottom screw. The screw between the bumper and the trim faces the rear of the car - it is NOT the screw that faces the bottom of the vehicle.

On the 1989-1997 models remove the 4 lens screws from the backside and replace bulbs from front of housing.

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Q: How do you change the tail light on a 1989 thru 2002 Isuzu Rodeo or Honda Passport?
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