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I'm strugling with that right now. The thermostate is in a difficult position. follow the upper radiator hose and it leads into the block under the throttle body. Remove the air filter assembly and you'll c what is the exhaust manifold crossover pipe right in front of the thermostate housing. NICE, it gives you very little room to remove the 2 bolts to the housing and once u remove those then you'll find you have the thermostate housing loose but because of that darn exhaust manifold crossover pipe u don't have enough room to take the thermostate housing out to change the stinking thermostate. So from what I can see you have to remove the heat shield which is cased around the exhauste manifold croosover pipe and if you still can't get enough room to remove the thermostate, (which I'm about to find out)then you'll have to remove the crossover pipe as well just to change the thermostate. If you (and me) do have to remove the crossover pipe then their are 2 bolts on both ends of the pipe leading into the manifolds. But then the tough parts done and once u switch the thermostate over and ATTENTION:remove any old gasket material and put a new gasket in it's place then installation is reverse of removal.

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Q: How do you change the thermostat on a 1995 Chevy Lumina LS?
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