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Hey Patrick==It is a pretty involved prcedure. Get a manual on your car from a local parts store or MOTORLIT.COM GoolduckJoe

Hi, I start by assuming that it is a Zetec engine. It is easy job but a dirty one one of course. You will have to remove: the accessory belt, the crankshaft pulley, and the plastic covers for the timing belt. It is very easy to remove and replace the accessory belt. Jack up the car and rest it on the stands. remove the wheel on the site of the working area. I use right hand drive so mine is on the left side of the car. since the crankshaft pulley has a tendency to rotate as to try to unscrew the bolt, use the hole found on the pulley to stabilise it - put on a pin or screw and use a shaft of steel to stop it from rotating. i heard that you can fit in a spanner and have a friend crank the car while you are holding the bolt. This will create a sudden rotation of the pulley. Be careful as this may be dangerous. Once the belt is exposed slacken the timing belt tensioner and slip the belt off the sprockets and down off the crankshaft. It is now time to replace. First align the timing marks. On the crankshaft pulley there are two pairs of grooves. Align the second pair with the rear of a bump on the bottom of the oil sump. The two camshaft need alingning. Open the cylinder head cover. At the other end of the sprockets there are two grooves. Rotate and slide a metal sheet that is 5 mm thick - may be 20cm long. Fit the belt over starting at the crank shaft and going up to the sprockets. Make sure the crankshaft does not move at this stage as this may upset your timing. Once the belt is in place tighten the tensioner. You need that friends of your's here. The other one pulls/pushes the tensioner toward the timing belt as the other one tightens the bolt. Replace everything in reverse order. Star the car and move. You may want to give it a try before you put the covers back. You are welcome to do so but have the crankshaft pulley in place and the cylinder head cover to prevent oil spillage. It is recommended that you fit a new gasket for the cylinder head cover. Use this after the trial if so. Tighen the cover bolts starting form centre going outwads in a zig-zag manner. All the best

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Q: How do you change the timing belt on a 97 Ford Escort?
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