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The timing is computer controled and not adjustable

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Q: How do you change the timing on a 1996 Dodge Neon?
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When do you need to change the timing belt on a 2002 dodge neon?

The timing belt on a Dodge Neon should be replaced every 100,000 miles.

Do you have to take motor out to change timing belt in 2001 dodge neon?

No. It is done in vehicle.

How do you know when to change your timing belt on your 2000 dodge neon?

The timing belt should be replaced every 100,000 miles.

2005 dodge neon timing chain located?

A 2005 Neon has a timing belt not a chain.

Will a 1996 dodge caravan take a 1996 dodge neon transmission?


Timing marks on a single cam neon?

how to set the timing marks on a single cam dodge neon

Timing marks 1992 dodge neon sport?

Dodge didn't make a Neon until 1995.

1996 dodge neon when starting and put it into gear it shuts down?

First, check for stuck IAC, then cam timing.

Would a 1996 dodge neon transmission work in a 2001 dodge neon efficiently?


Where is the fuel composition sensor on a 1996 dodge neon?

A Dodge Neon does not have any such part.;

Is there a Chain in a 1995 dodge neon?

No, timing belt.

Where is the water pump located on your 1996 dodge neon?

The water pump is inside the passenger side of the engine, driven by the timing belt.

How many miles before you change a timing belt on a 2003 dodge neon sxt?

Every 100,000 miles is recommended.

Does a 2002 dodge neon have a timing chain or belt?


How do you replace belts in 1998 dodge neon?

nthow to change the beltson the dodge neon

Will a 1995 dodge neon motor fit in a 1996 dodge neon?

yes it will any of them from 95 model to a 99

What and where is the tranny on a 1996 dodge neon?

the transaxle is located to the right, slightly below and attached to the engine on a dodge neon

Where is the reset button on a 1996 dodge neon?

The Neon doesn't have a reset button.

How do you set the timing on a 1998 DOHC dodge neon?

get the pullys lined up at the timing marks

How many sensors in a 1996 dodge neon?


Does dodge neon bend valves when the timing belt breaks?

Yes, it can.

When do you replace the timing belt for a Dodge neon?

By 100,000 miles for sure.

Is the timing fixable in an 05 dodge neon interface engine?


What happens when timing belt breaks in 2001 dodge neon?

The engine on a Neon is interference, bent valves are likely.

Change timing belt on a 1995 dodge neon?

if you are wanting change intervals than its every 60,000 miles and you should check and replace the hydraulic tensioner and pulley