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how to change trans fluid in a 1995 1200 xlt harley davidson


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To change a stator on a 1994 883 sportster Harley Davidson, you can either take help from the videos available online or you can take it to the mechanic nearby.

you have to remove drain plug under the derby cover.then remove smaller cover and will not hold a quart just a little less.

It depends on which seal you are talking about, mainshaft or shifter.

How to change head gasket on a harley sportster motorcycle?

Can't do it. The engine and transmission cases are different from 2002 to 2007. You would have to buy a cassette kit or complete transmission to upgrade your 2002 to a 6 speed.

How do you change oil on a 2001 sportster 1200

Look in your owners manual.You should also change the primary fluid.

The transmission fluid on a 2002 Harley Davidson Fatboy motorcycle is changed by removing the drain plug and allowing the fluid to empty. The drain plug is then put back in place and fluid added into the filler tube.

three quarts if you drain everything and change the filter

Where is the oil plug on a 1999 Harley Davidson road king?

It's a hose from the tank to a dummy fitting on the frame....unclamp the hose and the oil runs out. When changing the engine oil, don't forget to also change the primary/transmission oil.

Take it to a shop, or if you prefer to do it yourself then find a website that teaches you how to.

You remove the old ones (one end from the carb and the other from throttle grip). You install the new ones in the same fashion you took the old ones off.

To change the transmission pil on a 2000 harley sportster their is a plug under your primary cover it is about a 3/4 bolt undo this bolt and let oil drain all sportster models for that yr and a bunch of yrs the primary oil is also the trans oil as well. when primary has drained put plug back in place and take off derby cover and fill primary back up to where oil just touches the clutch basket and bold derby cover back in place

how much oil is required to change oil and filter in a 1997 Harley Davidson Sportser

To begin with: 3 qts 20w50 oil next: bike must be vertical next: oil must be at operating temperature before beginning to empty oil tank.

This Harley-Davidson came with standard handlebars with rubber grips. They could be upgraded to chrome or rubber grips, and you could change the handlebar type to your preference when ordering. Harley-Davidson will generally build the bike the way you want it.

what model? 2005 HD Road King Custom

Remove the starter. the solenoid is mounted on the starter.

I don't think Harley has a retro fit kit to do the change, also the speedometer might not be calibrated for the XL, this speedometer runs off a speed sensor on the transmission and is sensitive. This speedometer can only be used on the FXDWG ('95-'98) Softails ('96-'98) FLHR/I ('95-'98) using retro fit Harley Davidson Part # 67418-99. Hope this helps......

At every 5000miles or 8000km engine oil & filter,primary fluid and transmission fluid should all be changed on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

take it to the Harley Davidson Service Dept.

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