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There are two ways. One you can drop the trans. pan and remove filter and replace. That's the cheapest. You will replace about 5 to 6 qts. of fluid. The other is to have a repair shop that has a machine that flushes the complete system and then replace the filter. Lots more money but system will be completely done. Good luck.

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Q: How do you change the transmission fluid on a 1982 S10 Chevy?
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Where do you put tranny fluid in on a 1982 Chevy Camaro?

Add it in the transmission dip stick tube.

What is the transmission fluid capacity of a 1982 Chevrolet C10 transmission?

My 1982 C10 Custom Deluxe holds 3 and a half quarts of transmission fluid.

Where is the speed sensor on a 1982 Chevy Caprice?

Its in the transmission

How do you check automatic transmission fluid in a 1982 Honda Civic?

The automatic transmission will have a dip stick location on a 1982 Honda Civic. Pull the dip stick to see the color and texture of the fluid.

Why might the auto transmission on a 1982 Chevy Camaro not change gears until it is warm?

It usually means that the internal seals and the valve body parts are getting worn and stiff. You might be able to get a little more life from the transmission by adding transmission conditioner to the fluid. Try something like "Trans-X", but understand that whatever you do, the transmission is about ready to leave you stranded.

Is the transmission from a 1982 Chevy interchangeable with a transmission from a 1988 Chevy?

Yes but you may have to shorten the drive shaft if it is a 350 turbo going to a non electronic 700r4

How do you check automatic transmission level in a 1982 Mercedes 230TE?

The automatic transmission fluid level on a 1982 Mercedes 230TE is checked by allowing the vehicle to reach operating temperature and removing the dipstick. The fluid should reach the hot mark and if not, fluid added as needed.

What kind of power steering fluid does a 1982 Ford truck use?

You can use ATF (automatic transmission fluid)

Where does the transmission fluid go in a 1982 Toyota Corolla automatic transmission pictures please?

Transmission fluid can be slowly added to the same place as the dipstick. Transmission diagrams can be found online, in web forums or in car repair books.

Where is the transmission drain plug on a 1982 ford Full size bronco?

Many of todays vehicles do not have drain plugs. You have to remove the pan to change the filter and fluid.

1982 Chevy k10 blazer reverse went out what can I do?

Buy a rebuilt transmission and install it.

What type of transmission came in a 1981 Chevy S 10 2.8L V6 2 wheel drive?

1981-1982 Chevy s-10 with 2.8L V6 automatic transmission TH200C

What type of transmission fluid for an 1982 eagle 3 moped?

Type F like all other vintage german mopeds. Most auto stores know it as ford transmission fluid.

Will a 1982 Chevy truck transmission mount up to a 1996 Chevy truck?

Yes it will bolt up, But you can't use it on that year because the 96 is all computer controled and must have the 4L60E transmission put back in it so all the electronics will work right. The 82 transmission is not a electronic transmission. WILL NOT WORK.

1982 Chevy celebrity?

OK, you have a 1982 Chevy Celebrity. Do you have a question?

Where do you put the transmission fluid on a manual 1982 Toyota pickup 4x4 half ton?

On the side of the transmission underneath the vehicle. This requires a pump to add trans lube.

What type of transmission fluid auto 1982 jaguar xj6?

Manual 75W. Automatic ATF-G

How much fork oil to put in a 1982 xr100 Honda?

3 oz each fork. automatic transmission fluid is ok to use.

What is theTransmission capacity 1982 Mercedes 300SD?

The automatic transmission takes 6.6 quarts to do a total fill. The rear differential takes 2.3 pints of fluid. The recommended fluid is Dexron III or Mercon.

Will a 1983 Chevy 350 motor go in a 1982 Buick Regal?

Yes but you will have to change the Trans and also add Chevy motort mount brackest to the cross member.

What size engine is 1982 Chevy Caprice?

i had a 1982 Chevy caprice classic that had a 4.4 small V8 olsmoblie engine in it.

What year was the Chevy s10 introduced?

The Chevy s10 was introduced in 1982.

Does the transmission from a 1982 Monte Carlo fit a 1991 Cadillac?

No, the transmission from a 1982 Monte Carlo will not fit in a 1991 Cadillac. A transmission can be purchased from a salvage yard, transmission shop, or even from an auto parts store.

Where is the VIN on your 82 Chevy truck?

where is the vin number on the frame for a 1982 Chevy 1 ton Chevy

Will a 1982 Chevy El Camino frame fit a 1946 Chevy sedan?