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Raise the car high enough so that you can work under it safely,(a hoist or on 4 jack stands). Put your drain pan under the under the trans pan, (make sure it's big enough to hold several quarts)and remove the front and side bolts from the trans pan and loosen the back bolts by about 1/2 a turn. Carefully pry the front edge loose and let the fluid drain into your catch pan. Once it's reasonably drained take out the rest of the bolts, drop the pan and gasket. Scrape off any old gasket, clean the pan out with solvent and make sure you don't loose the magnet. Next step, remove the filter and pry out the old seal, push a new seal all the way into the bore and replace the filter. Make sure there isn't any old gasket left on the trans and wipe the surface off with solvent. Put the new gasket on the pan and lift it into place. Start all the bolts and then tighten then slowly in a circular pattern until they are all torqued to 18 So, now you just put the car back on the ground, put four litres of Dexron 111 into the trans through the fill tube, start the car, let it warm up and then, with the brake on, move the shift lever down through the gears and back to Park. Check the level on the dipstick and add fluid as required. Have a peek underneath for leaks and yer good to go!

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Q: How do you change the transmission fluid on a 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo?
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