How do you change the transmission fluid on a 2005 dodge durango?

Ok first it would be best to jack up your durango and put a jack stand under it since you will be laying underneath it. then you will need to locate the transmission pan it is usually somthing close to a square shape and flat and smooth unlike the oil pan. when you find this you will need a big drain pan to catch the oil. losen all the bolts around the whole pan and then you will need to losen the bolts on one side more than the rest anyside so you can pull down or pry the pan open if the seal doesnt break easy. the oil will run out and then you can take the rest of the bolts out however carefull cause the pan will still have a little fluid in it. after removing the pan you will see a lump in the bottom of it inside the pan may have some metal shavings or sludge on it. clean this off and replace in the same spot. carefull the metal shavings hurt if you get one in you like a splinter. the transmission filter will also be in there you should be able to see it when you remove the pan. this should be changed at the same time. refer to the repair manual to see what it looks like they usually have one or 2 bolts holding them in and they are flat not round like an oil filter. after all the oil seems to be dripped out and the filter is replaced then you can put your new seal on the pan and put it all back together and fill it back up and the only place to fill the tranny is through the dip stick tube they sale a special funnel for this is is smaller than the regular oil funnel. hope this will help you out if not get a repair manual from the parts house for like 15 bucks and it will walk you through step by step. thanks jerome