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there should be an upper and lower bolt on the underside of your transmission. undo the lower bolt to drain the fluid. undo the upper bolt and put some fluid in to drain the old. tighten the lower then fill to the hole. tighten the upper bolt

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Where put transmission fluid in 1984 Toyota truck?

If your Toyota has a manual transmission, the fluid will be put in by removing the gearshift, and literally pouring the fluid into the cavity under the shifter.

Will a 1984 Mazda truck transmission fit a 1984 ford ranger truck?

should but check with junk yard they have the book

What size transmission is in your 1984 Chevy truck?

It should be a 700R4

Will a 1984 Nissan truck transmission fit in a 1992 Nissan truck?

ask tyler kincey

How long is a 1984 Toyota truck frame?

A short wheel base frame is 102" and some change from axle to axle. Long wheel base is 112" and some change.

Will a Chevy 84 truck transmission interchange with a 88 Chevy truck?

The 1984 700R4 will interchange with a 1988 700R4. The lock-up harness would have to be modified, changed or have a hydraulic lock-up kit installed. An easy fix would be to put the harness and swithes from the 1988 transmission into the 1984 transmission. The 1984 transmission is a weaker design but a working transmission will get you going.

What is the curb weight of 1984 Toyota pickup truck?

I think it's about 2800 lbs.

Where is the headlight relay on a 1984 Toyota pickup with a 22R engine?

The 1984 Toyota pickup truck headlight relay switch can be found in the fuse box. The headlight relay switch will be at the top of the third column.

Wont go into gear 1984 Toyota pickup?

A 1984 Toyota pickup will not go into gear if the transmission fluid is low or the linkage is not adjusted. The fluid must be checked with the engine idle and at operating temperature.

How do you change dimmer switch on 1984 pickup?

Specify make and model of truck

What type of transmission fluid do you put in a 1984 Toyota Camry Lift-back?

ask the guy at the parts store

Can you put small block Chevy into 86 Toyota 4Runner?

yes, check out this website

How hard is it to change a manual transmission to a automatic transmission on a 1984 Chevy Pick-up?

Not hard if you are mechanically inclined. Having a donor vehicle that is the same as your truck but automatic is key. This would give you all the parts, nuts, bolts, brackets, linkage, etc to do the swap.

What would make the clutch stay to the floor on a 1984 4x4 Toyota truck?

no fluid in reservoir due to leaking reservoir or slave cylinder

Does a th400 transmission work with a 1984 Chevy Silverado?

YES. You may have to change the yoke on the driveshaft. You didn't say what size transmission that is in it now.

Will a 2.8 L transmission bolt to a 4.3 L engine on a 1984 Chevy S-10 truck?

No, different bolt patterns.

How do you change u joints in 1984 Nissan 720 truck?

go to autozone and get ahanes repair manual.

Where is the transmission dipstick on a 1984 dodge ram custom 100 pickup truck?

Assuming you have an automatic transmission, the dipstick should be located toward the rear of the engine on the passenger side. With vehicle warmed up and parking brake applied the transmission fluid is checked with the transmission in neutral.

Should you change oil in a 1984 250cr Honda?

On a 2-stroke you can drain and refill the transmission oil.

I need a transmission for a 1984 cressida Toyota?

I have a 1985 cressida with a good transmission but a blown engine sitting in my hard. I live in Pensacola, FL. Call me at 850 432 3011 or email me at ken

1984 Chevy truck a arms work on1965 Chevy truck?


Does a 700r4 transamission out of 1997 Chevy truck fit in a 1984 Chevy truck?

First of all, The 97 trucks did not have the 700r4 in them. The 1/2 tons had the 4L60E and the 3/4 tons used the 4L80E. Any year 700r4 transmission will work in the 84 as long as it is out of a truck.

Will a 22R 1991 Toyota engine interchange with a 1984 Toyota pickup. explain how do i put a 22re into 1984 what do i need to do?


Where is the fuel pump located on a 1984 Toyota 4x4 truck?

If you have the 22r engine, it is at the top of the front passenger side of the engine near the timing cover. If you have a 22RE then the pump is in the tank.

Where can you find a vacuum diagram for a carburate on a 1984 Toyota 20 R truck?

You can find some vacuum diagrams in the Haynes repair manual. This can be found at any parts store.