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How do you change the transmission oil on an Oldsmobile Achieva 1997?

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Get a trans pan gasket, filter, and fluid at your auto parts store. Drive the car until the trans. fluid is hot (about 5 minutes) then put the car up on jackstands/blocks or a lift. I recommend setting the key to Lock and removing the negative battery terminal so you don't accidentally set off the airbag. Being careful of the hot exhaust, loosen (but do not remove yet) all the transmission pan bolts. When they're all loosened, take out all but the 4 corner bolts. Now ya gotta be careful removing the bolts on the end of the pan because it's 350 degree fluid--you really don't want to spill that on yourself. However the old gasket is likely to stick. Take out the corner bolts from one end, and hopefully you can tip the pan down in a controlled manner, spilling most of the fluid into an appropriate container (depending on model you may have up to 6 quarts). If the pan sticks, you can whack it with a rubber mallet or pry with a screwdriver, but be very careful not to damage the mating surfaces or it will leak. Now the filter should be easily visible, replace that. Carefully clean the transmission pan, and line up the gasket. Make sure all of the bolts go through the gasket before you tighten anything. Tighten those bolts in stages, in a crisscross pattern--first to finger-tight, then to moderately tight, then torque to spec. Fill the trans through the dipstick hole. Go slow and don't overfill.

That's it!

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Where is the transmission shifter interlock solenoid located on a 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva?

The transmission sifter interlock solenoid location on a 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva is on the valve body. To reach it the drain pan and filter has to be removed.

Where is the blower motor located on a Oldsmobile achieva?

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How do you remove the heater core on a 1997 Olds Achieva?

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Where is the oil filter located on a 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva?

Which engine is in this car?

How do you set the timing on a 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva AL?

The timing is computer controled and not setable.

Wiring schematics for 1996 Oldsmobile achieva?

I have a 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva. I use the schematics in the Haynes manual I bought for my vehicle. There are several wiring diagrams in the manual, so you have to match your vehicle to the appropriate diagram.

Where is the turn signal flasher located on a 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva?

Under dash on driver's side

Where does a thermostat go on a 97 oldsmobile achieva SL?

The thermostat on a 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva SL goes on the very bottom of the water pump. It is inside the top hose of the radiator on the end that attaches to the water pump.

Where is the airbag module 1997 Oldsmobile achieva the light will not go off.?

The 1997 Oldsmobile airbag module sensor can be found below the dashboard on the drivers side. The airbag module should be labeled as such.

Where is the turning signal flasher fuse located on a 1997 Oldsmobile achieva?

leftof steering column behind i/p

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How do you change transmission on a 1997 Buick Skylark?

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Where is the thermostat located on a 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva?

follow the top radiater hose to where it goes to the motor there should be a bubble looking metal houseing if it is it will be inside.

What type of transmission fluid does a 1997 Oldsmobile aurora take?

Takes dextron 3

How do you change the transmission fluid in a 1997 Plymouth grand voyager?

what do I need to change the 1997 Plymouth voyager transmission oil

How do you disable the daytime running lights on a 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva?

=== === Just ask Red Green. Depress the emergency break one click. Tee Jaay

What is the fuel capacity of a 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva?

The gas tank itself displays the number 8 on the bottom of it, however my 97 Acheiva seems to be a bottomless well.

Where do you put the transmission fluid in a 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass?

You add fluid at the same place you check it.

How do you change a turbine speed sensor in a 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora?

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Oldsmobile silhouette transmission slips?

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Where is the transmission control solenoid on a 1997 Oldsmobile 88?

Your tcs is located behind the transmission side cover on the driver's side (you cannot get to it by dropping the pan).

Where is the transmission fluid filter on a Oldsmobile Delta Eighty-Eight 1997?

I never saw this model but the transmission filter on every transmission I ever did see - was -inside the transmiision bottom cover.

How do you change the transmission fluid on a 540 I 1997 BMW?

Before you can change the transmission fluid on a 1997 BMW 540-I you need to remove the plug and drain the old fluid. The new fluid is poured into the top of the transmission in the hole marked for transmission fluid.

How do you change the transmission fluid on a 540 I 1997 BMW-?

To change the transmission fluid on a 1997 BMW 540-I you need to first remove the plug and train the old fluid. Replace the plug and fill the transmission with new fluid.