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How do you change the vacuum modulator on a 1988 Ford Ranger 2.3L?


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2015-07-15 18:59:44
2015-07-15 18:59:44

It is on the bottom of the fender apron air intake tube, right under the battery tray.You should be able to follow the vacum line that plugs into the cover of the air cleaner right down to the modulater. It is part of the intake tube so you would have to replace that section.


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More Info, If You Do Not Find A Modulator, You Could Have a Different Trans. If You Have A Square Pan With 16 Bolts Then You Have A 4L60 or TH700( no modulator on these) If the pan is oval and 17 Bolts Has 4L80 ( no modulator on these) Hope This Helps You Should Have A TH400 Trans & It Does Have A Modulator.

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Yo man i dont know but ford Rocks man ROCK ON.

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It is on the transmission. It has a vacuum hose connected to it. It is round, about two inches in diameter. Robert Foley.

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The ignition modulator sits directly behind the coil packs. The coil packs mount onto the ignition modulator.

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No it does not. It uses a Chrysler 727 automatic that uses a shift modulator rod that comes down from the carburator. The 70's vintage fullsize Jeeps use a GM Turbo 400 that had a vacuum module...

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