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A "very old tub faucet" probably has a washer AND packing around the stem. Back off (open a little) the handle, remove the cap nut (the one the stem goes through that threads onto the faucet), this should do it. Replace the washer, wrap pipe thread around the stem (probably a good idea to touch up the seat while you're there) and reinstall.

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Q: How do you change the washer on a very old tub faucet that leaks and do you unscrew the little nut on the handle to do it?
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Can not turn off hot water in bathroom sink?

With the faucet? Shut off under the sink? Same solution for either type of faucet. Single handle or two handle, quarter turn. There is a small rubber cup in the body of the faucet that is worn and need to be replaced. Two handle that the handle turns around in a complete circle a couple of times. The washer has split or worn out and needs to be replaced. Basic steps, shut off water at main if that is the only shut off. Take the handle off. Single handle, the cap where the handle was attached should unscrew and let you take out the cartridge that controls the water. Looking in the hole you will see two smaller holes a little smaller than a pencil. They each have a small rubber cup with a spring under them. These need to be replaced. Two handle has the same set up. Handle turns in full circle, Take the handle off and there will be a hex nut around or part of the stem the handle attaches to. Unscrew this and on the end of it is a washer. Most are flat, but some older ones are beveled. Replace the washer and reassemble.

When I completely close my shower faucet the water still runs so to actually shut off the water I need to open the faucet a little bit What is going on?

What type of faucet is it? Is it two taps, or one, Twist to turn on/off, or push/pull? It is a one handle, twist on/off type faucet.

How do youchange a tap washer?

Shut the water off either below the tap or at the main shut off. If the handle screws around a couple of times, you have a washer in it. Take the handle off, most are held on with a screw in the top of the handle. Under that there may be a trim ring that unscrews or it may just have the nut around the stem. With the trim ring off, unscrew the nut that hold the stem in place and remove it. The stem will now unscrew out of the faucet and the washer is on the end of the stem. It is held on with a small brass bolt. Washer are different sizes, use one that is the same size as the base of the stem. If your faucet only turns a quarter turn, you have a rubber cup in the base of the faucet that seals the water. The faucet comes apart the same way, unscrew the nut around the stem and with it off, pull straight up on the stem. Make sure you notice which way it came out, it has to go back in the same way or the water will not shut off when you turn the handle. Look in the faucet where the cartridge you pulled out was. There is a black cup slightly larger than a pencil. Take it and the spring under it out and replace it with a new one. It can be a little difficult getting the cup back in, make sure you don't damage the top edge of the cup or the faucet will leak. Reassemble either type and the drip should be fixed.

Does your push on the handle and the force of the water flowing out comprise an action -reaction pair when your hand turns the handle of a faucet on?

Not in the sense I think you are asking. The force is your hand and the pushing against the handle. The reaction is the handle moving. It's true, your push on the handle lets water in, but that is a reaction to the faucet opening. I'm not sure action/reaction can apply to this because what do you use to bracket the equation? You can keep expanding both sides of it. You opening the handle cause a pump miles away to pump a little bit harder to make up for the pressure loss.

Does a worn out washer cause a water valve to leak?

If it is dripping it is the washer, if it is coming out around the stem that is the packing needing to be replaced or some faucets have fiber cone in them that serves as packing around the stem. If your faucet is a 1/4 turn handle you need to turn the water off either at the sink or the main. If the handle screws in and out one or more complete turns you can do this with the water supply on. Shut the faucet off, remove the handle and any trim ring or cone under it that covers the stem sticking up. There should be a nut around the base of the stem. Unscrew this nut without turning the faucet on. In the nut underneath you will either have stem packing, which is a thick graphite or teflon string or a fiber cone. replace it with new and reassemble the faucet. If using packing and it still leaks after tightening, you can either tighten it a little more to compress the packing or just add a couple more layers of packing.

How can you remove the faucet handles from bathtub?

Use a screwdriver to pop off the little circles that say H and C (hot and cold) - under them is a screw, usually phillips-head - just unscrew it and the handles will slide off.

How do you fix a single handle leaking shower faucet?

There are kits available which contain the little pieces parts that go inside the valve. Check with your local hardware store. You'll want to know the brand name of your faucet. Repairing the faucet will mean shutting off the water to the it at the main valve.

How do you fix a leaky faucet?

Fixing a leaky faucet is often a simple matter of replacing the rubber seat and the packing. (Note: This does not apply to ball type faucets.) * Turn off water to the faucet at the valve under the sink. * Open the faucet and make sure the water is actually off. * Remove the handle. This varies from faucet to faucet, but most often there is a screw under a cap. * After removing the handle you should see a nut around the shaft of the valve. Remove this nut. * Remove as much of the old packing that was between the shaft and the nut as you can. * Using the handle, unscrew the valve core from the body of the faucet. Turn it in the direction you would to turn the faucet on. * At the bottom of the valve core you removed should be a rubber seat held in by a screw. Remove this. * Take the valve core and rubber seat to the hardware store to get a new rubber piece. Also get new packing. Without packing the faucet will leak under the handle. The old packing cannot be re-used. * Assemble the new rubber seat into the valve core. * Clean any old packing off the valve core and the nut. * Screw the valve core back into the faucet body. * Wrap a few turns of packing onto the valve body. Hand tighen the nut back on. * Do not install the handle yet. * Carefully turn the water back on. You should be able to turn the water fully on and off. If the faucet leaks at the valve stem, tighten the nut until it stops. Do not overtighten the nut as it will make it difficult to remove later and will make the faucet handle stiff. * Re-attach the handle. There are many different kinds of faucets or taps. This might apply to yours. *Turn off the main stopcock so the water won't pour out when you remove the tap/faucet. *Start with the top. Is there a little nut or screw you can remove to separate the handle? If there is you can remove that. You might have to hit the handle upwards or outwards with the handle of a hammer. Try not to damage anything. Even if you can't get the handle off, you might still be able to continue below. *You should then be able to unscrew something. It might just be a cover. You might need a stilson wrench for this. Sometimes the cover is on a spring that you can pull forward to expose the nut behind. *Then there might be a nut to unscrew which will remove the whole front of the faucet or tap. You WILL need a wrench or shifting spanner for this. *Pull out the valve with your fingers. If it is worn and leaking, you should replace it. A worn valve is the most common problem with leaking taps. *Then put everything back. Unless you are throwing away the old faucet/tap and replacing it with a new one. *Make sure you can turn the front handle before you tighten up the back nut. *Turn on the main stopcock. *Clean up all the dirt and muddy water from the floor. *Take a shower to test it before you tell everyone else of your magnificent achievement. turn off the water.. OR! better yet.. call a plumber Replace it. Replace it. That's easy. You need to replace the faucet washer. it's fairly simple to do, just make sure you turn off the water under the sink before you start taking the faucet off. Any knowledgeable hardware store employee should be able to assist you. Replace the rubber washer inside the faucet.To do this you must turn off the water to the faucet; usually this means turn off the city water supply to the house.Remove the handle, expose and remove the old washer.Take both to plumbing supply and obtain replacement washer if none on hand. Install and then turn on the water.turn water off at sink, remove hoses, remove nuts under sink [on faucet]remove faucet, clean area, replace with new one,[don,t forget to put rubber gasket under it] install new nuts, tightenattach water lines, turn water back on. go to lowes or home depot and have someone in the plumbing dept.walk you thru the process and then decide if you really want to try it on your own. its not rocket science but its not easy for the average joe either. I could describe it all for you but the above method is way better for you!! check the washer or the o ring, it may need replacing == Answer== Any faucet is easy to fix if you have the right tools, parts and can get the faucet apart. It is not always easy to have all of the above. I would call a plumber. unscrew it or pull off. You can tell the difference if it has a lock screw under the faucet. Pay attention to sealant. When replacing make sure the pipe is the correct length and size for your replacement faucet.

Water will not turn on after opening valves under sink?

Often there will be debris in the line that clog the screen in the spout. If not that, it may be in the faucet itself. With single handle faucets or two handle that are quarter turn valves, it takes very little to block the hole that water comes through.

When I close my single handle pullon pushoff sink faucet the water still runs so to actually shut off the water I need to open the faucet a little and turn it a bit?

The o rings inside the cartridge have become either faulty, worn or perished. You need to replace the cartridge for you to solve this problem.

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Installing a bathroom faucet?

Some faucets may be easy to install while some others may be little tough. In general, just follow 3 main steps: Firstly set the faucet in the right countertop hole. Underneath the countertop, attaching the rubber washer to the faucet, leave a gap toward the back so that it may accommodate a pop-up drain control and secure the washer using a lock nut. Finally,, just read through the manufacturer's instructions to attach the faucet handle.

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Why would a kitchen faucet turn itself on when using the washer or outside faucets?

The kitchen faucet tap is threaded and is kept stationary by an upward force from the water supply. A sudden surge of pressure from somewhere else in the pipeline releases the pressure on the tap allowing the tap to move freely. While there is still a little pressure remaining on the tap it will of course take the path of least resistance and open up a little. This seems to happen more frequently as the tap threads continue to wear. Wow that answer above??? My guess is that you have a Moen faucet they are known to do this when subjected to high line pressures and the pressure fluctuates. Check your line pressure with a gauge it should be 80 psi or less or you need a pressure reducing valve installed. The faucet probably needs the cartridge replaced. == Answer== The delta two handle faucet will do the samething. And i think any washerless faucet could do it. Replace seats, spings and cartridges.

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