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Go to your parts store and get the fan clutch wrench kit for your model (about $20.) On the 3.0L, you can sometimes use a big "Crescent" type adjustable wrench if you have one, but on the 4.0L there is not enough room. The kit typically consists of two thin stamped metal wrenches, one for the fan clutch hub and the other to go over the pulley bolt heads (all four at once) to hold the pulley from turning. On 4.0L engines, the clutch threads are R.H., whereas on the 3.0L I believe they are L.H. Usually, this is noted on the top of the fan shroud.

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I used an eight inch pipe wrench and snuck it in behind where the cover and four bolts where on the water pump with the handle resting on the engine. I did remove one bolt off to make room for the crescent wrench. I took a ten inch crescent and held the nut. It barely fit. Held on the small pipe wrench, gave the crescent (handle up at one o'clock) a firm shot to the left with the hammer. Finished removing with the crescent. Then replaced my water pump without removing radiator or shroud.

Tight fit, but it can be done by flipping the pump bottom up near the AC.

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