How do you change the water pump on an ef falcon?

I have had to change the water pump on my EB Falcon a couple of times now. I will say that in all honesty "It's a pain in the BUTT". First thing that you will need to do is remove the raidiator, making sure to remove the lower water hose from the radiator and all other hoses connected to the radiator. Next you will need to unbolt your power steering pump and the front mounting bracket and remove all fan belts. Unbolt the alternator bracket from the engine block and front of the water pump. Unbolt the fan belt pulley from behind your fan. The best way I have discovered to do this is by placing a screwdriver between one of the bolts and use it as a lever. You will find 4 10mm sized bolts through the pulley to the water pump. Once you have unbolted the pulley, you are ready to unbolt the water pump. You should be able to find the 4 water pump bolts and unbolt the water pump now. This has been the easy part, believe it or not. The hard part is to now remove the fan off the old water pump and bolt it onto the new water pump. This is where I'd usually take it to the mechanic and get HIM to remove the fan from the water pump. If you have a method of doing this step, then I'd really like to know about it. Now it is as easy as reversing the previous steps and put it all back together. I hope that my input has helped you in some way and wish you all the luck with it.