How do you change the wiper switch on a 1996 Sunfire with an air bagged and tilt steering wheel?

Well, I had to replace my light switch/dimmer/cruise stalk once. I think your job will be similar. First, you have to remove the shroud around the steering column. It comes apart in two haves, top and bottom, by taking out the two Torx screws from the bottom. Those screws are really long, so believe me when I tell you, that if you don't already own a set of Torx tools, buy the ones that are A. long and B. have T handles. If I recall correctly, the switch swap is pretty direct. There are 3 screws to remove, and a wiring harness to unplug. Take note of how and where the harness connector is located and be sure to duplicate it's position when you install. (installation is just the reverse of removal) I didn't bother worrying about my air bag, but the Haynes manual suggests that you disable the airbag. Airbag disable, per Haynes; remove negative battery cable, Make sure that the steering wheel is is in the straight ahead position, Place the ignition switch key in the Lock position and remove the key. Remove the airbag fuse from the fuse block I don't think that having Tilt will affect the job. Hope this helps. If not, let us know and we'll delve into your problem further FriPilot