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The engine control module in the automatic transmission Supras and the Manual transmission Supras in the MKII (1982-1986) body style are interchangable year for year. You do NOT have to swap the wiring harnesses, contrary to what is posted below.

You WILL have to trick the car to make it start. This is because the automatic transmission ECM needs to see the vehicle is in park or neutral before it can be started. This is easily done by retaining the neutral safety switch from the automatic transmission and "clicking" it to the park or neutral setting permanently.

Parts wise, here is what you WILL need to complete an automatic to manual transmission swap for your car.

Front piece of driveshaft from manual supra (or entire driveshaft) - Cressida driveshafts are not the same length as MKII driveshafts and can not be substituted.W58 transmission w/ proper bellhousingW58 clutchW58 flywheel and boltsmanual transmission crossmemberclutch slave cylinder and soft lineclutch master cylinder and hard line that runs down body to bracketclutch pedal assemblybrake pedal assemblyManual shifterPilot bearing (buy a new one)

AnswerHi to let you know that I know what im talking about I auto cross a 86 supra and I work In a transmission shop you would need to take the computer and the whole wire harness from the computer to the motor from a 5speed supra the same year as your auto and use it to wire the motor with that set up because there are several relays and sensors on the auto that are control bye the PC that the manual dose not have and the autos PC controls those and if there not there to read your car would run like hell if not at all you probably already know about switching flex plate to fly wheel and all that good stuff
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Q: How do you change the wiring for changing from a 1985 supra automatic to a 1983 supra 5 speed transmission?
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Yes,wires will hook up the same and no you dont have to change the chip. I would DISAGREE WITH PART OF THE ABOVE ANSWER. You will need to get the correct computer for this AND NEW CHIP.

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You can fit a manual transmission into an automatic Ford Mustang as long as you have the same engine but you will have to change a lot of things. Depending on the year, you would have to change things like the computer, wiring , steering column to add the clutch, etc. It would be better to buy one that's a 5 speed already.

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There is a black fill plug on the very top of the transmission. It is below a wiring harness and an AC line (I Believe).

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I had that in a vehicle i used to drive, and they had to replace the whole wiring system inside the transmission

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Not without changing the wiring.

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yes it well and all the wiring is the same

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not without changing alot of wiring and electrical junk

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yes but it would take alot of time and money to do so . You will have to replace the wiring harness , add a automatic trans computer cables etc.... unless you could get another parts car with a these parts .... but then you would still have to take it to ford to reprogram to the whole car for everything to work right.

Where is the transmission harness located in a 1989 Pontiac lemans?

If you look straight down over the driver's-side of the engine bay, you will be looking down on the transmission. There is a wiring harness with a large flat gray connector there on cars with an automatic transmission. On the manual transmission cars, there will be separate wires branching off the wiring loom to sensors.

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I can tell you for a fact it is not an 4L80E, the "E" stands for electronic and there are no wire connectors on an 1989. Installing a 4L80E in an 1989 would require changing a lot of wiring harnesses and the computer for your truck. Good luck.

Can you replace a manual transmission and put in a automatic on a 91 sonoma truck?

That is a loaded question. The answer is ultimately YES, but not for the faint of heart. There is a LOT to be considered. Changing from flywheel to flex plate, transmission mounts, shift linkage, linkage to throttle, speed sensor, change driveshaft, possibly different computer, and therefore wiring harness. It California, it would probably not be approved for SMOG, other states this may also apply. My recommendation,. if you need a truck with an automatic, . .buy one built that way.

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Can you transfere a 350 from a manual 77 Chevy 3.4 ton to a 68 Chevy C10 that has no motor nor transmission and is an automatic?

Yes, you can switch this set up. You will need to remove the fly wheel and bolt on a flex plate for the transmission change. There are a couple of wiring issues with the alternator change, and the HEI distributor, both are easy to over come.

Can you change a manual transmission to automatic and about how much does it usually cost?

Not knowing the make or the model it is impossible to guess. Generally you would have to change the radiator, run the transmission lines and change out flywheel and possibly driveshaft. With older cars (early hydramatics, for example), you do not have to change the radiator and there ae no transmission lines, but in addition to changing the flywheel and driveshaft, you also have to add the linkage to the carburetor. You might need to change the ECM (computer) and you may be able to put in an oil cooler instead of changing the radiator. Another way to go would be to contact your local automotive junk yard and purchase a wrecked vehicle that is the same as yours except automatic. The vehicle would need to be damaged in a way that doesn't effect the parts you are interested in. You would then have everything needed to swap over including peddle assembly, steering column or console, linkages, wiring, switches, crossmember, flywheel, driveshaft, correct speedometer gears, cooling lines, radiator and so on.

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you have to make sure the transmission housing bolts match up to the engine's transmission bolt holes. Over all, engines are pretty strait forward. Also you would have to change wiring, some control modules and some mechanical parts. It shouldnt be that hard though

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i have the same problem. I am looking for wiring diagram for alto with automatic transmission. I would like to ask you to share it with me in case, you find it. Thank you very much in advance

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Though it could be technically possible, it's probably not financially responsible. It would likely cost more than an automatic 1999 Subaru Outback with a rebuilt engine. The main problem would be in changing it from manual to automatic. Or, there are no automatic/manual "engine's", the engine IS separate from the transmission, this is an easy swap provided you have th skills, the wiring harness and ECU will need to be swapped as well.

How do you change automatic antenna in a 1996 Mercury Cougar?

Remove the wiring harness from the bottom of your 1996 Mercury Cougar automatic antenna. Remove the retaining nuts at the bottom of the antenna. Reverse the process to install your new automatic antenna.

Replace manual transmission to automatic on 2001 ford escape?

did you know that most ppl do vice versa, lol except you....but it's ok, im sure u're facing terrible traffic jam huh? Evrything is possible.....but it's gonna cost a lot.....there's so many things to change, it doesn't only implies in changing a gear box, but wiring, radiator evrything....

What makes your 10 amp fuse for automatic transmission blow on 1991 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

Probably a short somewhere related to the transmission wiring. Perhaps a wire has been chaffed and touches a metal body/chassis part.