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How do you change thermostat on 1999 Chevy venture van?


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Thermostat on 1999 venture

I just had to have mine changed on my 1997 Venture. You have to remove the throttle assembly which is a big job. I had my mechanic do it and it cost $170. The part was $20, labor $150. The dealer and one other mechanic I called wanted $300 to change it :(

I just did my own on my '99 venture. Part cost me 13 bucks. If you are handy with tools, it's not that difficult at all. Takes a little time, but it's not that hard to do. hardest time I had was the back bolt on the tstat housing. I have large hands, and you need a 13mm wrench from underneath the exhaust. Tight squeeze and not much turning room. Fortunately, you don't have to remove it completely.