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Look at the center dash console. Around that is a plastic case. Take a flat object like a screwdriver and gently pry off the plastic case, it comes off easy. Once you get that off, you will see the stereo. On either side of the stereo, there is a screw. Remove the screws and the radio will pull out. Unplug the wires, and the antennae and your home free. Head to Walmart. They sell plugs that are specific to your make and model. Depending on the size of the stereo you bought, you will probably need a bracket because the factory stereo is bigger than most after market systems. Splice the stereo wires to the plug based on the colors (most are standard). Plug it back in, and slip it into the bracket. Plug in the antennae, and replace the dash bracket and your all done.

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Q: How do you change to an after market stereo 2002 xlt?
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