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Take your head to a machine shop. Trust me, you'll be better off that way.

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Q: How do you change valve guides?
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How much does it cost to change valve guides?

Ballpark estimate is $100 per hour labor plus parts, the new valve guides price.

Can you change valve guides with the motor in the truck if so how its a 350?

to change valve guides, there is no reason to remove engine from vehicle. u do need to remove the heads , as the valve guides are in the u need to remove,the inlet manifold, exhaust manifolds,probably the distributor,the alternator, and anything else that is bolted to the heads. TAKE THEM TO A MACHINE SHOP!!! trust me, you dont want to try to do this yourself!!

Can you buy valve seal for Chevy?

Yes you can. I'd check the valve guides for wear while you're at it though. If the valve guides are bad a new seal isn't going to be a long term fix.

Can your replace the valve guides on a 93 Chevy 350 without removeing the heads if so how?

NO... You MUST remove the heads and take them to a machine shop and have the valve guides replaced. No other way.

What can cause the engine oil to overflow onto the spark plugs of a car engine?

possible bad valve guides or blown head gasket possible bad valve guides or blown headgasket

What will the heads have to do with a 350 Chevy smoking and using oil?

Valve guides and/or valve seals can be worn. Allows oil to get into the combustion chamber.Oil consumption and smoking are signs of either bad piston rings or bad valve guides/valve seals.A compression check on each cylinder can help determine which.

What does it mean when a car doesnt burn oil?

It means the piston rings, valve guides and valve seals are in good condition.

What is the function of the valve guide?

valve guides are present in the engine cylinder head.these valve guide operates the working of valves in the cylinder.that is the inlet ant the outlet valves.

Do heads have to be removed to replace valve guides and valve stem seals on a 1995 Mazda millenia?

yes heads need to be removed

What are the symptoms of Worn valve guides and rings?

oil consumption, tapping noise (because it is loose), burned valves or valve breakage

How do you replace valve stem seals 1989 Jeep?

How do you replace valve stems and guides on a 1989 Jeep 4 Cylinder engine?

Why does a car engine burn oil?

bad piston rings Excessive engine wear - Rings, Valve guides, Valve seals

Why does your 2006 f250 smoke on start up?

Worn valve guides? New answer : Worn valve guides WILL cause some what of a rough idle and engine would smoke at all times. If engine smokes at start up only and then quites then your problem would be the VALVE SEALS.

How do you change a valve?

What kind of valve?

What is involved in replacing valve guides?

Some heads have replaceable guides and you just drive them out with the head off. Others need to be machined to have inserts installed.

Why would a car blow blue smoke then clear after about 20 miles?

My guess would be bad valve seals and/or worn valve guides.

What would cause excessive exhaust fumes from car when started?

valve guides or valve guide seals or piston rings. in colder weather?

Can exhaust gas backup and ignite in the valve cover?

Never heard of that happening, but if it did it would indicate very badly worn valve-guides.

Why do your Accent smoke when you step on the gas after sitting at a light?

Bad valve guides or seals

Does your jeep have valve guides?


Why is oil coming out of your motorcycle exhaust?

This could be caused by a clogged PCV valve, worn internal seals, or worn valve guides. A clogged PCV valve will pressurize the engine internally, which force oil past important seals into the exhaust stream. Likewise with worn seals, oil simply leaks out. Worn valve guides makes it possible for oil to seep down the exhaust valve into the exhaust stream.

Your car smokes from the exhaust manifold area and tailpipe when the car is cold or been sitting up for a hour?

The cause could be worn valve guides. As the engine cools oil can seep down through the valve guides around the valve stems and collect in the head and top of the cylinders to be burned off when the engine is started.

Why does Engine burns oil on startup?

sounds like bad valve guides, and/or rings If engine runs smooth when hot? I don't think it's the guides I would check the valve seals. also need to pull valve covers to make sure oil return holes are open in the heads.

What causes a '73 Nova to emit white-grey smoke from exhaust when starting and revving engine?

the valve guides could be worn out The carburetor is running fuel rich and needs adjustment. If it were valve guides or rings the smoke would be blue

How soon should valve guide seals be changed after discovering that oil is dripping into the cylinders and causing blue smoke at ignition?

You probably won't ever have to change them if you don't want to. It'll just smoke as little when you first start it up. Usually not a big deal. ----------- If your valve guides are worn, then your rings and your cylinder walls are probably worn too. If you fix your valve guides without attending to the other issues, the increased compression may cause problems with the seal of the rings.