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How do you change water pump on 1989 Mercedes 190e 2.6?

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To replace the water pump you will need to remove the power steering, belt tensioner, fan blade, radiator, and of course the pump, there are 4 bolts on the pump itself they are very hard to reach, just try going dead on from the right. make sure you use a gasket of some sort, to prevent leakage, and to prevent needing to go into here again.. what a pain

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How do you change an ignition on a 1989 190E Mercedes Benz?

Where is the tensioner on a 1985 Mercedes 190e?

i hev spark electric problem an Mercedes 190 e 2.6 1989

Where is the PCV filter located on the Mercedes Benz 190E?

If you have a 1989 or a 1990 2.6 Liter automantic transmission Mercedes Benz,then there is no PCV. It has already passed emissions.

What do all the dash board warning lights mean on a 1989 190e 2.6 Mercedes Benz?

what do all the dash board warning lights mean on a1989 mercedes benz

My 1989 Mercedes Benz 190e wont start?

asumming its turning over and you have a spark check the timing chain and or the crankshaft sensor.

Where is the oxygen sensor located on a 1989 Mercedes 190E 2.6?

The oxygen sensor for my 1989 190E 2.6 is located on top of the exhaust just underneath the passenger side of the car. The wiring from the 02 sensor runs up underneath the passenger side floorboard carpet.

How do you remove the speakers from a 1989 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.6L?

Once you unscrew the covers, pull straight out. they are held by a clip that expands to the housing.

What kind of battery do you need for a Mercedes-Benz 1989 190E 2.6?

You can use a Wall mart Everstart # 48. I just bought one for $62.00

Change a light bulb on a 1989 Mercedes Benz 190e?

There are several bulbs in the vehicle, and they all have different specs and methods of changing. For the headlights it require opening the bonnet and locating the light, opening it by removing the retaining clips and unplugging the faulty bulb. Which bulb do you need to change???

How can you check the timing belt onm a 1989 Mercedes 190E 26 Liter engine?

The is none to check.Cam drive is by chain located under the valve cover and in the timing chest.

How do you troubleshoot fuel system on a Mercedes Benz 190E?

hi . my name brian carpenter .i have a problem with my '''1989 190E 2.6 mercedes''' when i start the car it and put foot down it sounds like as if its starvin for fuel but when it is idling and i put foot down it dies on it was doin this for about 6 weeks . can you please help me some were . i dont want to get rid of it.

How do you replace the radiator bypass hose in a 1989 Mercedes 190E?

You can order the part at installation is easy. Just remove the clamps remove the hose replace the clamps with the new hose.

Where is the oil filter on a Mercedes Benz 1989 190E?

it's a pz-35 ..... look up top's right behind your air filter housing on the right side of the engine .

Why would the thermostat gauge be running hot in your 1989 Mercedes 190E when fan and water levels seem fine?

well if it has the same engine layout as my 1993 190e in the front of the engine there is a fan, and that fan has a clutch integrated into it, to engage when the engine starts to over heat, and they do wear out which means you can stop the fan with your hand while the engine is running. not recommended to try doing with your fingers.

How do you reset 1989 190e codes?

to disconnect the battery by 10 minutes

How do you replace the seat switch on the driver-side door panel of a 1989 Mercedes 190e?

You have to remove the entire door panel. Some models are screwed on and some models just snap on. For the very best advise, take it to you closes Mercedes-Benz dealer. Good luck!

What freon refrigerant is in the 1989 Mercedes?


How do you drain the oil on a Mercedes Benz 1989 190E?

i was going to buy a hand pump to extract the oil out of my car through the dipstick ,any way they claim that this is how Mercedes dealers do it.If you remove the large plastic mud guard located underneath the motor (6 small screws) you'll see the drain plug near the front of the car on the driver's side of the oil pan.

Why are my 1989 Mercedes 560sl blinkers not working?

cuz they broke

Is there a 1989 Mercedes-Benz 300 CD?

Yes there is. There is a 1989 Mercedes outside of my shop right now with the badge 300cd, but good luck finding any information about them on the net.

When did Mercedes Ruffino die?

Mercedes Ruffino died on January 23, 1989, in Miami, Florida, USA of complications from diabetes.

Where is the fuel switch location in a 1989 300SE Mercedes?

It seems that it's not getting fuel and I can't hear the fuel pump running "Where is the fuel switch location in a 1989 300SE Mercedes Benz?"

What are the release dates for Fashion File - 1989 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week?

Fashion File - 1989 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was released on: USA: September 2002

What is the original sticker price of a 1989 Mercedes 300SE?

Approximately $55,000.

What was the original cost of a 1989 Mercedes 300 sel?

135.000 Aus $