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Is the stud that needs to be replaced in a drum or on a rotor? In either case, remove the drum or rotor from the vehicle. Take a mallet and some type of pin, and drive the broken stud out of the holder. If you know someone with a press have them do it for you.

The next step is to get a replace ment stud that is the same size as the old one. Take the replacement stud and place it into the hole where the other stud was removed. Take the nut and turn it so the angled side is facing away from the drum or rotor. State the nut onto the bolt, taking care not to cross thread it. Tighten the nut until it pulls the bolt seat into the hole. Remove the nut and reinstall the drum or rotor onto the vehicle.

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Q: How do you change wheel studs?
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How do you change the tire studs on a 2001 Kia Sephia?

Trim the wheel behind the studs

How do change the front tire wheel studs on a 1994 Seville?

How do you change front tire studs on a 1994 Seville sts

How do you change a wheel stud on a 1995 1500?


How do you remove studs on civic 98?

wheel studs? head studs?

How do you replace the wheel bolts on a 2004 Hyundai accent?

if the bolts do not get on then you just have to change the studs

How do you change a citroen saxo rear wheel?

Just open the three studs in the center of the wheel and it should come right off.

Where can you get a free copy of 99 Kia Sephia repair manual?

how do i change the front wheel studs

How do you replace wheel studs on a 2000 Honda civic?

To remove wheel studs from a 2000 Honda Civic the wheel needs to be removed. Taking the wheel hub completely off the vehicle makes the process of removing the studs easier. The studs are pressed in and use of a machine press to remove them is recommended.

How do you change the rear wheel studs on a ford explorer 02?

remove wheel. if disk brake, knock studs out with a hammer. insert new studs from rear side of disk. use a spacer and wheel nut to pull stud thru disk until seated. then remove wheel nut and spacer. replace wheel if drum brakes you need to remove the brake drum, then proceed same as for disk brakes

How do you change the back wheel studs on a 1994 Pontiac firebird with brake drums?

itsa stupid ugly!

How do you replace left front wheel studs on my 2002 suzuki xl7?

Pound your 2002 Suzuki left front wheel studs out. You will need to pound in the new studs in the same manner that you removed the old studs.

How do you replace the wheel lug studs on a 1995 Ford Escort lx?

You have to have the hub pressed out of the knuckle to replace the wheel studs.

How do you Replace front wheel studs on 2000 Montana?

You replace the wheel bearing hub assembly - it has studs, bearings and wheel speed sensor around $100 part

How do you change the front brake rotor on a 1997 f 150 4X4?

you have to press the wheel studs out of hub after you remove it from the spindle

How to replace wheel studs on cavalier?

you dont

How many wheel studs on a astra van envoy 1.7dti?

1998 - 2004 4 studs

How do you change the rear wheel studs on a 1990 f150?

remove the wheel then the brake drum then tap out the old studs with a hammer and pull in the new stud with some washers to protect the threads and tightening the nut until the stud is fully home reinstall the drum and the wheel and torque bolts and you are done good luck

How do you change the inner wheel arch liners on a peugeot 307?

There is a series of screw in studs and you have to remove them all and then bend out the arch liner.

How many wheel studs does a 1997 dodge ram 3500 have?

8 per wheel

How do you remove the front hub assembly to change the wheel studs?

"All cars are not created Equal" You need to BClear. What do you have? I have a 1984 chev 1/2 ton 4 wheel drive.

How do you replace wheel studs on a 95 Chevy s-10?

I belive they are the knock out type take off wheel and drum heat studs on the back hit from front. to replace put new studs in and put back on tires.

How to remove front rotor on 93 F 350 truck dually?

On my '90, the rotors are held in place by the wheel studs. I had to press the wheel studs out, then the rotor separated from the hub.

What is the torque specs for the lug nuts on a 2003 Eddie Bauer Expedition?

100 Ft-lbs for 12mm wheel studs 150 Ft-lbs for 14mm wheel studs

How do you remove wheel studs on a 92 lumina?

You can remove the wheel studs, on your 1992 Chevrolet alumina, by pounding on each one with a sledgehammer. You will want to make sure not to round the edges.

What size are the wheel studs on a Rover 114?

19 mm