How do you change wheel studs?

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Is the stud that needs to be replaced in a drum or on a rotor? In either case, remove the drum or rotor from the vehicle. Take a mallet and some type of pin, and drive the broken stud out of the holder. If you know someone with a press have them do it for you.

The next step is to get a replace ment stud that is the same size as the old one. Take the replacement stud and place it into the hole where the other stud was removed. Take the nut and turn it so the angled side is facing away from the drum or rotor. State the nut onto the bolt, taking care not to cross thread it. Tighten the nut until it pulls the bolt seat into the hole. Remove the nut and reinstall the drum or rotor onto the vehicle.

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Q: How do you change wheel studs?
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Trim the wheel behind the studs

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wheel studs? head studs?

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if the bolts do not get on then you just have to change the studs

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itsa stupid ugly!

How do you replace wheel studs on a 2000 Honda civic?

To remove wheel studs from a 2000 Honda Civic the wheel needs to be removed. Taking the wheel hub completely off the vehicle makes the process of removing the studs easier. The studs are pressed in and use of a machine press to remove them is recommended.

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You have to have the hub pressed out of the knuckle to replace the wheel studs.

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