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How do you change your FAQ Farm username so that other people cannot find you through a search engine?

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Answered 2010-05-17 14:36:50

To maintain privacy, do not use your real name anywhere on this website or on other websites. If your real name appears on your FAQ Farm Bio Page or on a question you answered, edit it out. If you used your real name as your username (your FAQ Farm sign-in) you will need to e-mail and ask that it be changed.

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Where do you buy power balance bands in nsw?

the power band is a characteristic of an engine, the way it delivers horsepower through the rpm range. you cannot buy powerbands for your bike. you can buy aftermarket parts that will change the power band that your engine has now.

How do you change transmission fluid on 2.4l engine?

You cannot change transmission fluid on an engine. Please be more specific. I must know the make,model, and year of the car to help you.

How do you change the engine of dodge stratus v6 through the top or bottom?

Out the bottom, engine and trans at the samae time.

Does the engine have to be pulled or can it be changed through the wheel well to change a water pump on a 93 Chrysler lebaron?

No, the engine doesn't have to be pulled to change the water pump.

Can a helicopter fly at Mach 1.5?

No, a helicopter cannot go at the speed of Mach 1.5. It is because, this kind of propulsion can only be achieved through a jet engine. A helicopter's engine cannot achieve that.

How can you change your diesel engine for petrol?

That is impossible. You cannot convert a diesel to run on petrol or vice versa.

Is it possible to install a vtec engine on a 1994 accord?

No unfortunately through all of honda's engine design none of them are similar and therefore you cannot swap any engine into a different vehicle.

What happens if you reset oil change but do not change oil?

You will have dirty oil running through your engine until the light comes on again for an oil change.

How often should you change your oil filter?

If you intend to keep your vehicle's engine clean, change it every time you change your oil. The filter holds the dirt your engine generates. Hence the dark color of your oil as it ages and is pumped through your engine. Dirt is dirt. Get it out.

How do you change the knock sensor on an 1999 Infiniti I30?

i know what the part looks like but i cannot locate it on the engine.

Why is the formation of water in a car engine a chemical change but when the ice meltws to form water it is not a chemical change?

the formation of water in a car engine cannot be chnaged bakc to its original state. If you melt ice, it can be turned back into ice. A chemical change cannot be turned back into its original form. But a physical chnage can be turned bakc into its original form.

Why is my engine Sucking air through the oil filler cap?

your problem is the rocker/engine cover is blocked the only way to fix the problem is to change the rocker/engine cover.

How do you repair the engine on a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire?

You surely cannot expect to get an answer? Repair WHAT on the engine? What is wrong with it?You surely cannot expect to get an answer? Repair WHAT on the engine? What is wrong with it?

Why change fuel filter?

It can plug up and restrict the flow of fuel to the point where the engine cannot run properly, if at all.

What happens if soda in car engine?

How much and where was it put? In the oil, change it. In the carb, don't worry about it. It will pass through the engine, be burned in the cylinders and be gone.

How do you change spark plug wires on a 1983 300d turbo diesel?

A diesel engine doesn't have spark plugs or spark plug wires.

Whats going to happen if you dont change your oil filter ever?

It will eventually plug up. You will then either starve the engine of oil, or be pumping unfiltered oil through the engine. Both will lead to engine failure.It will eventually plug up. You will then either starve the engine of oil, or be pumping unfiltered oil through the engine. Both will lead to engine failure.

Can you Change a diesel to gas on 1992 1 ton?

only way to change diesel to gas on anything is to do a complete engine swap. you cannot just change the fuel, as gas and diesel engines are completely different

Why wouldn't you hear the roar of a rocket engine in space?

Space is essentially a vacuum. Sound needs a medium to travel through to be heard. Therefore the sound of a rocket engine cannot be heard in space.

Cheat engine 5.5 on runescape?

I can get you 999mil. on runescape if you give me your account username and password at:

4.3 engine express van change spark plugs?

i dunno if it will help but i have a 93 gmc s15 jimmy and i go through the front fenderwells to change my plugs

Can you remove 2.2L oil pan with engine in car?

no you cannot change or remove the oil pan while the engine is still in the vehicle. i just went through this. you must pull the motor to do it right. /////// YES you can pull and change the oil pan while it is in the car.You have to pull the starter and A/C compressor along with the exhuast manifold and exhuast pipe mount and rubber mounts to get it out of the way.then you have complete acess to the pan.

What is the best way to change the air filter on a 1998 5.9 liter 1500 Ram Van through the console or through the engine compartment?

From inside, remove the "doghouse".

Can you convert a petrol jaguar engine to a diesel engine car?

No, you cannot convert a gasoline engine to a diesel engine.

How do you know if your cam belt needs changing?

You cannot know by looking at it. This is why the belt is changed at a set mileage as listed in your owners manual. You change it when your vehicle reaches that mileage. You did not list make, model, & year so I cannot tell you the mileage at which it should be changed. Warning: If your engine is an interference engine and the belt breaks you will have serious engine damage.

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