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How do you change your life right now?


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June 16, 2015 3:37PM

Here are some suggestions. In behavior, or attitudes: try to adopt a confident, friendly, and optimistic outlook.

In diet: try to eat healthy, and ignore any ridicule as you avoid junk food and soda, and you instead try to have whole-grain foods, legumes, vegetables and fruit, fish, and not-large portions of meat; and you drink water. See this link for more (whether or not you're overweight).

In spirituality:

1) When you do something of which God would approve, such as being pleasant to people or avoiding sin, do it for His sake, not just because it's proper.

2) Try to avoid cursing, shouting at people, and acting out anger.

3) Think about God. Think also about all that He has done for you.

4) Consider the infinite wisdom and vast detail that God has placed in every leaf, every cell, every organ.

5) Each day, try to go beyond your level of convenience at least once. This could mean helping someone, or not responding to some irritation, etc.