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How do you change your upper ball joints in your 1996 dodge 1500 truck do you really need the special tools do they screw in?


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2007-02-02 17:43:21
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I did mine on a Ram 2500 and I highly recommend that you have a press available, they dont screw in unfortunatly. To change uper ball joints; Remove tire Pull codder pin and remve nut Tap ball joint out of wheel/ brake assembly Remove upper control arm compleatly Use Press to push old ball joint out of controll arm. A torch may be nessisary to heat controll arm. Press new ball joint all the way into controll arm Reinstall every thing Get a professional front end alignment.


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There is a special socket that is used. I had to add a little heat also.

you have to remove the spindle and press the old ones off

You need to get a manual that explains this procedure. This is a complex operation that can't be adequately explained here.

Yes, a special tool is required to compress the caliper pistion.

Ball joints - 4u joints - anywhere from 2 to 8Ball joints - 4u joints - anywhere from 2 to 8

There are 3 grease fittings on a 2002 dodge 2500. Once the aftermarket joints are installed the number increases depending on the joints installed.

I just paid $400 for upper ball joints on a 2001 dodge ram van. Also had to get $50 alignment. That was at Tire Discounters.

Front 3 are easy , back 3 are difficult, but possible from underneath with a good socket set with universal joints.

You can't repair worn out ball joints. Replace them with new ones.

Check tie rods, ball joints, trac bar, and u-joints.Check tie rods, ball joints, trac bar, and u-joints.

If the u-joint has never been changed you can't grease them because factory u-joints don't have grease will have to change the u-joint. After market u-joints have alimites.

The joints are "lubed for life" when they are built.

leave this to the pros, struts are hard to do safely without special equipment to compress springs

Most newer ones do not have any. Check the tie rods, ball joints, trac bar, and u-joints.

get the universal joints checked on your driveshaft.

have the u-joints checked on the driveshaft.

You have to use a special tool to press it in. Mine just popped out last night. The original factory ball joints are junk. Aftermarket are much better quality.

The 2000 Ram had u joints, not cv joints at the front axle.

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