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How do you changecheck transmission fluid on 91 Honda prelude auto trans?


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Put the car on a lift and find the transmission fluid drain plug (which is usually close to the passenger side front wheel). Unscrew the plug and let the fluid drain, then replace the plug and let the car down. Pop the hood and look just behind the radiator for a small dipstick, that's the tranny dipstick. Pull it out and use a funnel to re-fill it with fluid.


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If the Prelude is an automatic, yes, you use automatic transmission fluid. If it's a manual, there's manual transmission fluid. As much as possible, purchase the manufacturer (Honda) branded transmission fluid.

Use ONLY genuine Honda ATF-Z1 fluid.

The type of automatic transmission fluid that you should put in your 1997 Honda Prelude varies depending on the transmission. Honda recommends that you use their own brand of ATF when you replace the fluid in the SportShift transmission.

Honda MTF (manual transmission fluid) / MTF2

If it is a Manual transmission you do not have a dipsticks.

If it's a Sport Shift (auto), then you use Honda's auto transmission fluid. If it's a manual, Honda's manual transmission fluid. Use no other fluid in your Honda.

in the manuel transmission through the check/fill plug

Use ONLY genuine Honda MTX or ATX transmission fluid. Anything else just doesn't cut the mustard

Many times a transmission will not function properly when the transmission fluid is low. Check the transmission fluid and fill to the full mark.

Use only genuine Honda ATF-Z1 transmission fluid. Do not use any other fluid no matter what anyone tells you is a substitute. There is no substitute for this fluid and the use of any other fluid will cause your Honda transmission to not shift properly. If you have a manual transmission, contact a Honda dealer for the correct lube or read your owners manual.

Not sure if 1987 is the same, but my 1985 Honda Prelude has the dipstick located in front of the radiatior, down kind of low.

manual tranny doesnt have fluid u noob manual tranny doesnt have fluid u noob

Open the engine hood on your Honda and reach down about 3-4 inches down by the washer aid. You can see the fluid for the transmission. (refer to your owner's manual) OR go to your nearest Honda service center. They got everything for you.

Honda transmission fluid is specifically formulated by Honda for the transmission they designed and built. Using any other fluid will cause rough shifts. That is why you should only use genuine Honda fluid.

where do you add the transmission fluid in a 1996 Honda accord 4 cylinderAnswerwhere do you add the transmission fluid in a 1996 Honda accord 4 cylinder

The 1996 Honda Accord transmission has a fluid capacity of 5.3 quarts. You can check the transmission fluid level with the transmission fluid dipstick.

Honda manual transmission fluid, from the dealer.

It has a transaxle, there is no separate differential fluid.

If your Accord is an automatic, use the Honda automatic transmission fluid. With a manual, the Honda manual transmission fluid. I'd strongly suggest using genuine Honda fluid over a substitute.

A 1992 Prelude does not have a transmission dipstick. It is completely sealed and to check the transmission fluid, a person has to unscrew a bolt on the side.

In the same hole you check it in with a funnel you add it to the same hole you check it with .only in automatic trans

Depends if you have a Sport Shift (auto) or manual. In either case, you can get the transmission fluid from either the dealer or an auto parts store.

best transmission fluid 1991 Honda civic lx

You need a Honda transmission fluid, and I am not being a wise guy

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