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How do you charge a vehicle battery?


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By running the engine on the vehicle or by connecting the battery to a 12 volt battery charger.


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You cannot charge a battery without a battery charger or having it charged by the alternator in your vehicle while it is running.

the work of an alternator is to charge up the battery while the vehicle is in motion

Yes, and you can charge it with a full size 10 amp charger without removing it from the vehicle.

Do you mean charge by the vehicle running....or do you mean take a charge from a Bench charger? if its in the vehicle it could mean that either the battery/battery connection/cables, a faulty ground, or the alternator is defective. If its on a bench charger then the battery has a dead cell or is defective and needs replacing.

Use jump leads from another vehicle or charge your battery on the car

A battery tender is a low-current battery charger that will maintain battery charge (without overcharging) while vehicle is in extended storage

New batteries almost always come fully charged. If it was not then charge it with a battery charger and do not use your vehicle alternator to charge a dead battery. You may do harm to the alternator which is not built to charge a dead battery but is instead built to keep a good battery fully charged.

There are several things that you can do to increase the battery life on your phone and the first thing is to only charge it when the battery is low. The second is try not to charge it in your vehicle only charge it at home with a regular charger.

Use another vehicle to jump start it, or replace the battery, or charge the dead battery with a charger.

to keep your battery charge and help provide your vehicle electricity

Ignition off, hook a battery charger to the battery post and let it charge. Black - Red + Disconnect the charger before starting the vehicle. You do not have to remove the cables nor take the battery out of the vehicle. Batteries are constantly being charged on the vehicle with the alternator. That is just unnecessary work for nothing. Since the battery is in the fender, you hook the battery charger to the jump start posts under the hood.

If you are 100% sure the battery and alternator are good and the battery is loosing it's charge then something is on pulling power from the battery. Can be any light or any relay on the vehicle.

Car battery jumpers are used to revive a dead battery in your vehicle. This is done by connecting a pair of jumper cables from a running car, or booster car, to the car with the dead battery. Once these are connected, the booster vehicle is started and begins to charge the non-working vehicle.

Yes, you can even charge it on the vehicle. Make sure you charge it slowly and either use an automatic shutoff charger or pay close attention the the charge. Do not overcharge. It is best to charge it slowly with a 10 amp or lower charger. Make sure the battery cables are clean and tight.

if its a new battery then you need to replace your alternator. It basically recharges your battery while the vehicle is running.

Sorry no , you can boost or charge the battery enough to start the vehicle , but once it is shut off it won't start again - you will need to get a different battery

A fully charged battery will read 12.6 volts. A battery reading 12.4 volts is 75% charged. 12.2 volts = 50% charge, 12.0 = 25% charge. You should use a battery charger to charge any battery reading less than 12.4 volts before installing it on the vehicle.

Helps your battery cells to hold charge to start your vehicle so you need to check acid levels in battery if its low top it off with battery acid fluid you can get it in any automotive stores, Acid just holds strong charge and helps your battery cells not to be dryed out.

You can recharge a AA battery if it is a rechargeable battery like the 12 volt battery in your vehicle. You can buy a rechargeable AA battery or one that is not rechargeable they just cost more money.

That is the purpose of an alternator. The keep the battery charged and to run all the electrics on the vehicle. However it is never a good idea to allow the alternator to charge a dead battery. This will put a strain on the alternator and may damage it.

the trailer pin marked aux will charge a battery on a trailer if both vehicle and trailer are wired correctly

Jumper cables from another vehicle or charge the battery. As soon as you connect the charger you can put it in neutral.

It varies depending on how much other electronics you are using on the vehicle at the time. Could take hours. I do not recommend you charge any dead battery with the alternator if you can avoid it. it puts too much of a strain on the alternator and may damage it. Charge a dead battery with a battery charger.

Could be the life of the battery has expired or the charging system is faulty or the vehicle has a draw on the system killing the battery when not running. Drive the vehicle to your local auto parts store. They will test the battery and the charging system at no cost. Battery is bad or something is draining it. Most places that sell batteries can check it. With it charged, disconnect it and see if it holds a charge. If it does, something in the car is draining it. Dead cell in the battery or something is on drawing power from the battery.

Has the battery been tested, does the alternator on the Durango try to charge?... If the truck runs with the battery but the battery doesn't take or hold a charge, it has to be the battery being bad or extremely bad terminals so that the charge can't reach the battery. Age of the battery doesn't matter, a fairly new one can still go bad.

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