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How do you charge an iPod?

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charging your ipodYou can plug it it in your computer into a usb drive, or turn it off and place it on your speaker dock. AnswerI charge my Grand Daughter's iPod by using the cable that came with it and plugging it into the back of the computer" processor box"

I have a mains charger thing with a USB slot and you plug the USB cable into it and the other end into your iPod and it charges it. Or just plug it in to the USB ports on your computer/laptop.

2010-07-28 11:15:17
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Will the iPod charge if it is off?

No, the iPod will not charge if it is off. The iPod must be on for it to charge.

Do you have to charge the iPod?

yeah Sherlock you have to charge your iPod for it to work

Does the ihome charge the iPod?

Yes, the iHome does charge the iPod.

How do you charge itouch?

To charge an iPod Touch, use the USB cable that comes with the iPod. Charge by plugging iPod into a computer.

How many ways can you charge your iPod?

There are two ways to charge your iPod:By computerBy a iPod Dock

Can you over charge an iPod Touch?

No you can not over charge an Ipod Touch. sorry

How can you charge a iPod shuffle with no charger?

You can't charge an iPod shuffle with no charger.

Other than a charger what can charge your iPod?

If you plug your iPod into a computer or wall adapter, you can charge your iPod Touch.

How long do you have to charge the iPod for?

It depends which iPod you have.

Can a iPod dock charge a iPod?


How long does it take to charge an ipod?

It takes one hour to charge it 80%, and three hours to fully charge your ipod.

How do you charge 2g ipod touch on computer?

Use the cable that came with the iPod Touch to connect it to the computer, and the iPod must be on for it to charge.

How do you charge your iPod through your PC?

To charge your ipod touch, just plug one end of the USB cable(ipod should have came with one) into your ipod and the other end into a USB port on your computer. Your computer must be turned on to charge your ipod.

How long does it take to charge an iPod shuffle?

it's takes half of hour to charge your ipod

Can you charge your iPod via your PS3?

You need to have iTunes to charge your iPod Touch. Does your PS3 have iTunes?

Can you charge an iPod nano with an iPod touch charger?


Can ipod 3rd generation charge in a ps2?

yes anything that is turned on and has a usb port will charge a ipod

Can you charge ipod with any mp3 charger?

No, you cannot charge an iPod with just any mp3 charger. You must have a charger made specifically for the iPod. Even if an mp3 charger happens to fit into an iPod, do not attempt to charge it as it may short circuit the internal workings of the iPod and kill your iPod forever.

How do your charge you iPod when it is lost?

you can't charge it when it is unplugged

How do you charge your iPod using ps2?

Put it Close To The Ps2 Then Start Yelling To The iPod CHARGE CHARGE CHARGE And In 5 Seconds You Will Have 100% Battery . Your Welcome . c;

On alarms with iPod docks does it charge your iPod too?

yes they do.

Do iPod docking stations charge your iPod nano?


Can you charge an iPod touch with an iPod Nano charger?


Do you have to charge a iPod shuffle on?


What to do if your ipod will not turn on?

charge it