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There will be a small cap that will be red or blue (I believe), somewhere near your fluid reservoirs. At least that is where I typically see them. It will be threaded onto some metal pipes and when you take it off you should see a valve that reminds you of a valve on a tire. To do it yourself, go to your local auto parts store and they should have a kit for $20-$30, but it could be upwards of $50 depending on your car. Anyways, these kits include the hose and the refrigerant that you need to charge your AC yourself. The directions will be included but to let you know, it is very simple. You attach the hose to the valve on your pipe by threading it on. Then you tip the refrigerant upside down and thread it onto the other end of the hose. The pressure in the can will force the coolant into your system. You may need more than 1 can depending on how large your system is, and how full. Hope this helps. Kyle

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Q: How do you charge or add refrigerantcoolant to a 1999 Lincoln Continental Is there a special hose to buy?
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