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They have these new things that are portable disposeable chargers. Try that.

AnswerBuy a portable power supply/battery, for example the "Chargeit" for about $30, then use your phone's cigarette lighter charger, and plug it into the "chargeit". Recharge the Chargeit when driving your car.


Another way is to connect your cell phone to your laptop it'll share batteries 1.take any old usb cable and cut the end that doesn't plug into the computer

2.strip it and you should find four wires

3. find the red and black wires

4.strip those take out your cell phone battery and find where it says (+) and (-) dont worry about the (T) its a temperature sensor for charging. take the wires the red is (+) and the black is (-) and touch them to the (+) and (-) parts in the back of the phone and put in the battery so the wires are sandwiched between the phone and the battery

7. now plug in usb cable to a computer and let it charge for about 5-10 mins dont over charge it

8. you should be fine.

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Q: How do you charge your cell phone with no charger?
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What is meant by portable cell phone charger?

It is a cell phone charger that you can take with you. A cell phone charger is what you use to keep your battery from dying. You will need to charge your phone once a week or so.

What is a solar cell phone charger?

A solar cell phone charger is a electrical device, that uses a solar panel to charge a phone battery.

Is there a charger available that will take less time to completely charge your phone?

The amount of time it takes to charge your cell phone is dependent on the phone, not the charger.

If your cell phone will not charge could this be the battery or the battery charger?

If your cell phone will not charge it could be the battery or the battery charger. You best way to find out is to try the battery charger on a similar phone and see if it charges the other one.

Will the Quick Charge II Instant Cell Phone Charger work with a Verison phone?

The Quick Charge II Instant Cell Phone Charger will work with most but not all Verizon phones.

Does the Quick Charge II Instant Cell Phone Charger need batteries?

Yes that the Quick Charge II Instant Cell Phone Charger needs 2 AA batteries.

How to charge a cell phone?

To charge a cell phone you will need either an outlet plug-in or car charger compatible with your particular model. The best way to fully charge a cell phone is to turn it off completely while charging. At the butt of the cell phone there should be a thin slot to plug your cell phone charger into. Plug the other end of the charger into your wall or car's cigarette lighter.

Types of cell phone chargers?

The type of cell phone charger you get depends on what kind of phone you have. It is not possible to charge your cell phone through your laptop.

What is the cheapest cell phone charger?

The cheapest cell phone charger depends on the kind of phone that you need to charge. You can probably find the best deal by using the website of eBay.

Does the Motorola cell phone car charger allow the phone to be charged up to maximum battery?

The Motorola Cell Phone Car Charger will allow you to charge your cell phone up to 90% of its battery capacity in a few hours.

Can you charge an lg phone with a Samsung charger?

Yes, you can charge an IG phone with a Samsung charger.

Why is my new cell phone charger starting to wear out?

it depends on where you store it or if your leaving it plugged in after you charge your phone

Charge a phone without the charger?

There is no safe way to charge a phone without a charger made specifically for that phone/battery

What phone charger is used to charge DS Lite?

To be honest there is no phone charger

Can a phone charger break and not charge?

A phone charger can break. If it breaks, it may not charge. Whether a broken phone charger charges or not depends on the extent of the break.

Will my cell phone charger work in Europe?

Yes, your cell phone charger will work in Europe.

Can you charge a cell phone when it is turned off?

yes u can cuz if its off and you plug in the charger, it will turn the phone on and chareg it.

Is there any other way to charge a Cell Phone battery other than the charger?


Can you charge your gps with a cell phone charger?

Depends on the model. It may be possible if both the GPS device an the cell phone use a mini-USB jack.

does cell phone accessories include a cell phone charger?

Usually cell phone accessories include a cell phone charger when you buy them. It is required that phone companies put one in the package for your convenience.

How do you make a cell phone charge faster when its plugged in to the computer?

Unplug it from the computer and use a charger with higher amperage. For example if the standard charger uses a 5 V 1 Amp charger than you use a 5 V 2 Amp that will charge twice as fast but you may run the risk of overheating the cell phone. Find out from the phone manufacturer if the phone can sustain higher current.

How long does it take for a portable charger to charge?

This depends on what kind or charger are you asking about and what kind of battery are you charging. My Phone charger takes two hours to charge my phone.

How Many Cell Phone Charger Do You Need?

Although a cell phone charger is necessary to keep the battery in your phone full, you might wonder how many you actually need. Of course you need your standard charger, ideally left plugged in by your bed to charge each night. You might also want to invest in a car charger that can recharge your phone as you commute to and from work, or a solar charger than can work even when you don't have electricity.

Will the Turbo Charge Portable Cell Phone Charger TB550 work on my Iphone?

It could if you have the right adaptor.

How do you turns on a cell phone that is if you lose the charger?

If the cell phone has no power, then you cannot charge it. You will need to find some way to plug it in so that it can charge. You may even be able to use a USB chord depending on the phone. You can purchase a universal charger at almost any store with an electronics department nowadays.

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