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Twitter can be used for chatting.

The way it works is that everyone in the chat is using a certain keyword (called a hashtag) in all their tweets. The applications are then grabbing all the tweets with that hashtag from Twitter and displaying them for the people who are part of the chat. Be careful though because your tweets are also going out to all the people who are following you.

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Q: How do you chat on Twitter?
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Is there a chat on Twitter?


Where do you go to download free Twitter messenger for the chat rooms?

There isn't a Twitter messenger or chat room.

Can we chat on Twitter like facebook?

You are free to chat to other users on Twitter by sending them tweets or direct messages.

What is Twitter speak?

it is like twitter but you can speak as well as chat.

Do you have chat on Twitter like you do on Facebook?

No. You can chat to people, but there is no chat feature like on facebook.

Where in Twitter are the chat rooms and how can I go to one?

It's very simple finding a chat room in Twitter and to go to a chat room on there, just go to and signup with Twitter if you don't have an account and it's free.

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How do you chat Miley Cyrus?

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You can chat with her either on Twitter or Facebook or be her friend and you can normally just chat to you

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search him on twitter if he is there then make your twitter account

Is chatting okay in Twitter?

Yes you are free to chat with other users on Twitter.

Where do you go to chat at?

You can go to facebook twitter etc. it depends were you want to chat at

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The best chat site is Facebook and second is Twitter.

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What is Twitter and how does it work?

Twitter is a website where you tweet and chat with other people about celebrities and gossip

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salena Gomez can chat if you go on twitter,facebook or myspace.

What is Selena Gomez's official chat room?


How do you chat on-line on Twitter?

You can use TwitCam.

How do you chat with the boys from Mindless Behavior?

twitter and facebook

What does tweet me mean?

Someone wants to chat with you on Twitter.

How do you chat with stars?

twitter chat myspace chat there are many chats. Some stars have fanboxes and some even have a personal chat on their main site or forum.

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