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Pressing Ctrl Alt & Delete at the same time will show you the main programs running. There can be hidden programs such as spyware that can only be detected by a program such as Spybot or AdWare. You can find these program on the internet for free.

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Q: How do you check a file to find out if it is already open in Windows?
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Where can you find karasX2 dll?

You can find karasX2.dll file in Windows System32 file.

Where do you find host file in windows?


Where can I find Windows NT server log files?

The Windows NT operating system is full of issues. The fact they do not have specific server file is one of them. Any file can be converted to a server file.

How many boot mgr file can you find in windows 7?

25 :)

Where is the Skypesetup file in the downloads window on Skype I cant find it and it is driving me CRAZY?

You will find the Skype Setup file or full installer inside the temporary folder. Type %temp% in the Windows command prompt. If you are looking for the online installer, check your downloads folder.

Where can you find files that have been deleted?

To find missing file you must go to System Restore in a windows computer (I think its only windows) and select a date to a file that's been deleted. To reach the file the fastest was go to search and SYstem Restore

How do you find out what address IRS has on file?

how do i find out what address the irs has on file for me.

When i open Xp then it says Windows Script Host can not find script file CDocuments and SettingUSERboot.vbs.?

Assuming the message states,"Windows Script Host cannot find the script file C:\Documents and Settings\<Username>\boot.vbs", where <Username> is your user account name. Sounds like a crippled virus or worm. The computer thinks it is supposted to start the script upon Windows startup, but the file is missing. There is no such file included with Windows by default.

How does one make a desktop shortcut on Vista?

There is a simple method on Windows Vista to create a handy desktop shortcut. Assuming the file is already on the PC in question, click on the Start button, go to All Programs, and then find the file. Right click on the file and then select Send To and then the desktop. This will enable a shortcut.

What does it mean when it says windows cannot find a file and to make sure you type in the name correctly then try again?

It means the original source file can't be found. Did you change the file name? Are your CAPS on? Perhaps the file was deleted? There are many reasons why Windows might not be able to locate a file.

What displays the information about the drive file or folder selected?

This information you can find in Windows Explorer.

How do you change a windows movie maker file into a mp4 file format?

You can't. You could however save it as a .wmv and find a converter.

Windows cannot find regsvrexe?

Try this special utility: Windows Cannot Find Fix Wizard - it can solve several tips of Windows Cannot... errors. Google it. This file is typically in your C:\windows\system32\ or C:\windows\system directory. You may have to reinstall or patch windows.

When the windows is started it says the windows cannot find the file scvhosts?

Hi, I faced to "Windows cannot find svchost.exe. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search a file, click the Start button, and then click Search" problem. After long search I found solution of this problem - Windows Cannot Find Quick Fix or Fix Wizard as I remember. Hope this helps.

Where do you find the work offline check button?

to find the "work offline " check button open "file menu" of your browser (work offline option is locate in file menu of any browser)

What is the proper way - attached please find or please find attached?

I have attached the required file, please kindly check the file.

What is the name of the folder on the Windows 2000xp CD where the installation files stored?

In A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC Sixth Edition, Page 59 of Chapter 2 "What an Operating System Does" You will find it says: "The data is stored in a file on the hard drive called a SWAP file or PAGE file. The Windows 2000/XP swap file is Pagefile.sys, and the Windows 9x/Me swap file is Win386.swp."

Where can you find the program nautilus in ubuntu linux i can't find it anywhere?

on windows xp: in the file programs on the local disk

Why does my windows movie maker say this The file C UsersGuestVideos0720092156a 314039wmv is not indexed and cannot be imported?

That means Windows Movie Maker can't find the original source file(s). Did you move/change/rename or delete the file by accident?To see if you have the file indexed, click on Start, and type in the exact name of the file you are trying to find. When you are asked where to conduct the search, choose ALL. If that file is on your computer anywhere, the search will locate it.

'the system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications' Windows Vista error?

you have run it in windows vista compatible mode right click on the file and then click on properties. you will find option run in compatible more.

Is it correct to say find the attached file of or for?

Plz chk the attached file original pic for tile are already lighter shade .

In what folder can you find the executable for Media Center?

The executable file for Windows Media Center (MCE) is called ehshell.exe and is located in the Windows > ehomedirectory.

How do you install new fonts in Microsoft Word 2007?

If you already have a ttf file, then you need to install it to your windows font folder. This can be found be navigating to My Computer --> C: --> Windows --> Fonts.Just copy and paste your ttf font file into this folder.If you need to download fonts you can find many for free online. Just goto an internet search engine and type in free fonts.

You don't remember where you save your file name 'DIP1A' in your computerHow do you get the file?

you click start->search-> type the file name ->click search_>wait for windows to find it for you.

How can you turn on your Minecraft server easily?

Just go on the file where you saved your server on and double click the file and you will find a file that is called minecraft_server.exe or minecraft_server.jar .jar is for mac, .exe is for windows