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i hate this merc mistakeyou need to take the 5 Phillips screws out that hold on the steering column cover(3 bottom 2 top) then remove the bottom cover and use a screwdriver to release the lock pins on the switch, then use a test light or DVOM to check power to and from the switch
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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 00:32:48
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Q: How do you check an ignition switch in a 1998 Mercury Mystique?
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How do you fix dashboard light on Mercury 1998 mystique?

Start by figuring out what the cause of the fault it, then go from there. Check for power at the lights. If you don't have that, check for continuity in the switch. If you don't have that, replace the switch.

Your 1998 mercury mystique brake lights don't work is there a sensor that needs to be replaced or just a fuse?

check fuses & brake lights switch located on brake pedal

Where is the fuel injection shutoff switch on a 1997 Mercury Mystique?

check by the pedals to the left if should be in the paneling there will be a little sticker pointing it out. you'll have to push it up if it has been engaged

Why is the battery light on in your 1995 Mercury Mystique v6?

not charging the battery properly... check the alternator.

Vauxhall frontera help no ignition lights car turns over but will not start?

check your fuses check ignition switch

How do you check ignition switch on 2002 Chevy s-10?

What is the problem you are having with the switch?

Why does my check engine light flash on a 1999 mercury mystique?

If your check engine light is flashing , an engine cylinder misfire has been detected

Why S10 gauges go out starter will not work?

check your ignition switch.

If there is no power to an hei coil on an 86 305 how would you go about getting power to it?

Check the ignition fuse also check the ignition switch

Where can you buy a drivers door latch for 1995 Ford Mystique?

If you're referring to the Ford Contour/Mercury Mystique, check sites such as eBay, Craigslist, local salvage yards, etc.

How can you know the bad fuse for mercury mystique 1995?

Take a continuity tester and check them. you'll find the bad one

How do you change the timing belt on a 1995 V6 Mercury Mystique?

Check the Auto Zone website it gives you detail infor How to do it

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