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Only your Insurance Companies own website will give you access to your auto insurance policy.

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Q: How do you check car insurance policy on net?
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What limits the amount that a policy owner can borrow from the insurance poicy?

the limit of a loan against the policy is the amount of net cash value you have on the life insurance policy. Up to 75% of the paid up value of the life insurance policy, irrespective of the sum insured amount.

Where can one get multiple quotes for their car insurance?

One can get multiple quotes for their car insurance at Edmunds or Net Quotes. One should contact their current car insurance provider for more information.

Can you count the face amount of an insurance policy as part of your net worth?

No. But you can count it's redeemable value as part of your net worth. Be aware that not all life insurance policies have redeemable value. Contact your insurance agent for more details.

If you cash out a permanent life insurance policy what amount do you get net cash value or total coverage amount?


When cashing out a life insurance policy are cash value and net cash value the same?

The cash value of something is the value before taxes. Net or Netto cash value is after taxes.

How do you track down a policy for an insured policy holder if you don't have a policy number?

If you don't have the policy number, go to the insurance Company branch office or surf the net by the name, location etc. Though it's a tiresome job, you may ultimately get your policy number.

Can you borrow against your life insurance plan or use it as collatoral for a loan?

You can take out the net cash value on your policy if you have cash value, or you can assign the policy as collateral for a loan, and change the beneficiary to be the lender.

What can we be insured for?

A life insurance policy can go a long way toward helping dependents who have experienced the death of a loved one. If the breadwinner of the family dies, his dependents can be left with nowhere to turn. If he has a life insurance policy, however, then his dependents will have a safety net until they can fend for themselves.

What is a net pay check?

Net paycheck could also be referred to as your take-home pay. That is your actual payroll amount (Gross earnings) minus deductions like health insurance and taxes.

How can i find out if a life insurance policy exists for my dead father?

It's like finding out a needle from a heaps of straws ! It's advisable that you contact local branch office of your Life Insurance Company, if they can help you to find out about existence of a life insurance policy of your dead father. Searching by name/address of your dead father over Net may be beneficial.

How can one obtain in the UK a fast life insurance with no medical exam?

Research has shown that there are a variety of options for one to purchase life insurance with no medical. Insurance companies such as Saga and Smart Insurance offer this type of policy. One can also use sites such as UK Net Guide to compare quotes for no medical exam insurance.

What is the difference between gross and net on your check stub?

Gross is your total pay. The Net is what is left after all of the deductions. ie FICA, Fed Tax, State Tax, and any Medical Insurance you may have.

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