How do you check fill and drain tranny fluid for 89 240sx with 5spd man?

well in any manual FR (real wheel drive) car i just use snap ring plyers to take out the "C" clamps that hold the shifter in pull the shifter out and fill from there, just make sure you dont get fluid on your carpet(the smell will never go away) Unless you like that kinda thing:)

This answer was not by me but I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS. I did this with a Skyline in Japan and found that although it seemed full from the shifter, when we went under the car it took nearly 3 more bottles to reach optimum fill. Dont cut corners tranny's are not cheap. Use the nozzle on the bottle and the pumps at the Auto parts store go underneath your vehicle on a steady lift and fill it from the bottom till it squirts out.