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Is fluid leaking around the dust cover? If you are suspicious, lift the corner of the dust cover and see if the area inside is dry. Usually, if the slave cylinder is leaking you will get quite a bit of fluid on the outside.

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Q: How do you check for a leak in the slave cylinder?
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What if your clutch on your 85 Toyota corolla goes to the floor and is hard to shift?

There are two normal causes. The clutch is worn out or there is a leak in the hydraulic clutch slave or master cylinder. To check the clutch, press the clutch slave cylinder down. If the clutch slave cylinder bellows compresses down to the slave cylinder, the clutch is worn out. Check the clutch master cylinder fluid level. if this is low, then the clutch cylinder need to be checked. To check for a hydraulic leak in the clutch slave cylinder, remove the cylinder's bellows and check for any fluid. If fluid is present, rebuild or replace the cylinder and bleed the system. To check the clutch master cylinder, check the back the of clutch master cylinder for leaks. If fluid is present, replace or rebuild clutch master cylinder and bleed the system. In my experience, hydraulic leaks occur at the clutch slave cylinder.

How do you adjust the clutch in a 1990 ford pick up?

This is a hydraulic master and slave cylinder clutch, there is no adjustment. Check for a leak in the system, a faulty master or slave cylinder, or wear on the clutch plate.

Why is do you have to put clutch fluid in 3 times a day on my 1997 cavalier?

Leak in master cylinder? Leak in slave cylinder? Leak in tubing from master to slave cylinders?

Why would clutch fluid leak out on a 88 Toyota corolla?

Bad clutch slave cylinder or failed soft hose from master to slave cylinder.

You have to keep adding fluid to the clutch reservoir There is no leak at the cylinder but you did notice a dripping from underneath the engine What could this be from?

If you're POSITIVE the clutch slave cylinder isn't leaking, there's only two other places it could come from. The clutch master cylinder or the hydraulic line in between the master and the slave cylinder. Maybe I'm confused. Isn't the clutch Master cylinder the one that the owner would check, and the slave cylinder inside the transmission?

What would cause clutch fluid to leak from the slave cylinder so when you start the vehicle the clutch stays to the floor and is floppy with no resistance?

The slave cylinder has failed and will need replaced.

What is the most likely cause for a clutch to sometimes go to the floor when shifting a 1992 Ford Ranger?

your slave may have a leak check your fluid if it is low have your slave looked at very common your slave may have a leak check your fluid if it is low have your slave looked at very common

How do you check the clutch slave cylinder on a 1984 Nissan truck?

check for leaks

What would cause clucth fluid to leak out of front of tranny?

slave cylinder or the line going to it

2000 alero clutch pedal does not move?

If it goes to the floor with no pressure, chances are the Slave Cylinder is gone, or you are out of fluid and have a leak somewheres. But chances are if you're losing fluid, it is your slave cylinder leaking.

How do you replace or check the slave and master cylinder in a Plymouth lazer?

underneath the car next to the transmission you should find the slave cylinder you can check it by looking into the clutch reservoir, the master cylinder is a huge cup on the fire wall white cap

How do you tell if the slave cylinder is bad?

The shaft seal will leak or not work when the system has been properly bled.

What is wrong if there is no resistance in the clutch pedal for 1996 Mitsubishi Galant with manual transmission?

it means you have no clutch fluid(brake fluid) or that you possibly have a leak in the line somewhere or that it needs to be bled.might possibly be the master or slave cylinder.first check the clutch fluid resivor.if its empty then you need to top it off and bleed the line @ the master cylinder then at the slave cylinder.then find out why you have no fluid...the clutch fluid resivor is the smaller one of the two,check inside the car for a leak too,follow the clutch pedal to the firewall and you will see the small rod that goes into your clutch master cylinder,if you have a leak there the master cylinder is bad

How do you know if the clutch cylinder on a 97 suzuki sidekick is bad and it is not the clutch?

After you have located the clutch slave cylinder, have someone depress the clutch pedal. You should see the piston of the slave cylinder extend somewhat. If it does not, either the slave cylinder is bad, or the master cylinder, or, there is not enough brake fluid in the system for it to operate properly. Check the level in the master cylinder. If the slave cylinder is leaking profusely, it is probably bad.

How do you adjust a clutch on a 93 Nissan truck?

Haydraulic brakes cant be adjust,check your clutch master cylinder for leaks,also look where it comes thru firewall to clutch pedal for leaks,check slave cylinder for leaks,its bolted onto transmission with clutch line connected to it,if any of these parts leak,replace,if no leak is found,then you will need new clutch kit installed.

How do you determine if the clutch or slave cylinder is bad?

If the problem has been getting worse over time than it is your clutch. If was sudden, then it is your slave cylinder. Also, the slave cylinder will usuall leak fluid when it is bad. If your not sure and nobody else is either, replace the slave first. It is farely cheap and super easy to replace. I hope this helps and good luck!

How do you check the lines of the slave cylinder for leaks?

Go to the transmission and check slave cylinder for leaks,also check clutch master cylinder,then go look by your clutch pedal to see if its leaking there,these are your places that it could be leaking,is your fluid level low,if not ,then you may need a new clutch kit.

How do you repair a leak in a master or slave cylinder for 2002 alero?

The best thing to do is replace it with A new or rebuilt unit. This is how you determine witch part is bad, If you are losing fluid its likely the slave cylinder, If the fluid is still there but the clutch is not working then its likely the master cylinder.

How do I determine if a hydraulic clutch slave cylinder is bad?

In general they leak hydraulic brake fluid when they go bad.

What would be the problem with a 5 speed 95 civic if the hydraulic clutch wont disengage all the way therefore you can't get into gears?

I would check to see if there is a leak in the the slave cylinder for the clutch. I just had to do this for my 1997 5 speed ex, there was a leak i went to the local autoparts store and bought a new slave cylinder, cost me about 20 bucks and a half hour time. For a quick fix just bleed it.

Why does your clutch pedal go to the floori have to force it in gearwhen in gear it runs perfect?

If it has a hydraulic clutch I'd suspect a leak in the master or slave cylinder. If it isn't a hydraulic clutch I'd check the linkage.

What type of fluid do you fill the clutch slave cylinder with?

All clutch slave cylinder require brake fluid. You will need to check and see if it is Dot3 or Dot4. Do NOT mix the two.

Leak in the cab of your 1991 Ford Ranger coming from the clutch What should you doshould you replace the entire clutch or is it just the line?

Replace clutch master cylinder and bleed system,also check your slave cylinder for leaks.its bolted to your transmission,the clutch cable is connected to it.

How do you check for bad cylinder heads on your 305?

compression test or leak-down test.

How do you replace the clutch slave cylinder on a 1996 V6 camaro?

to replace the clutch slave cylinder... 1. remove the two bolts that hold the slave cylinder to the bellhousing. 2. hang it from a piece of wire..NOT by the braided hose. 3. remove the little pin that holds the cylinder to the hose. ***fluid will leak out of the braided hose... 4. When the fluid has stopped, install in the reverse order...