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A multimeter is a good tool to check for a short in the brake light. Put one end of the meter on one side of the wire near the brake light. Put the other end on the metal that is around the bottom of the bulb. If the bulb does not light up, there is a short. If the bulb lights up, there is no short in the wire.

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Q: How do you check for an electrical short to the brake light?
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Why does your brake light blub keep blowing on peaugeot 407?

short in electrical circuit

Why would pushing the brake on 1986 300zx make you lose electrical power?

Check for a short in the brake light circuit. A dead short will dim lights & blow fuses. Have you checked the charging system & battery? Pull the fuse for the brake lamp circuit & see if the same problem still exists.

Why does your 1997 Toyota corolla brake light fuse keeps blowing?

It's because you have a short current somewhere. You need to check the brake light wiring.

Why does your brake light come on when turning left in your 2000 Dodge Caravan?

check your brake fluid level under the hood. This may be true if the brake light is in the dash . If the light your talking about is the actual brake lights on the rear of the car you probablly have a short in the steering column

How can you locate a short on a brake light 1996 jag vanden plas?

First check your turn signal switch

Why does the Brake light come on when the headlights are turned on?

bad connection/short or burnt out brake bulb. Check the harness both under the steering wheel and at the lights.

Why fuse keep blown for Brake light wiring?

Short in the wiring, brake light assembly, or possibly a defective brake light switch.

Why doesn't my 3rd brake light on a Chevy 2001 S10 Blazer work but all other brake lights work and the 3rd brake light is an LED and the fuse is OK?

Check the light for condensation. There could be a short that has cause the light to malfunction. If so, the entire light unit will have to be replaced.

Why dont my brake lights work. I have a 1992 Toyota Cressida. Have checked the bulbs fuse and pulled the brake light switch and check with ohm meter and short light all ok. warning light stays on.?

Warning light usually indicates low brake fluid or parking brake not fully released

Why would your brake fuse blow out every time it rains on your 85 trans am?

Check to see if water is getting into the brake light sockets causing them to short to ground

Why don't brake lights work on 1997 Ford F-250?

brake lights dont work start here check break light fuse check bulbs in tail lights check stop light switch on brake pedal under dash if problem still exists there is a break or short somewhere in the wiring

What causes the fuse to pop everytime you press on the brake pedal?

A short in the Brake light circuit? Bad brake light switch?

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