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How do you check for the baby's heart beat?

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There are heart rate monitors that you can purchase that magnify the baby's heart rate, just like the one your doctor uses. You can also hear the baby's heart rate with a stethoscope. Have your doctor show you the difference between hearing the baby and hearing the placenta. The babies heart rate is faster 120 to 160 beats per minute. The placenta pulses with your heart rate and sometimes is louder than the baby.

If you have any concerns the movements of the baby are a good indication all is well with your baby. Tell your doctor any of your concerns. It is normal to have them. But real worries should be brought to your doctors attention. Mothers are amazingly perceptive/sensitive to their baby's well being even before birth.

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What all will be checked in an ultra scan while pregnancy of 7 weeks?

the babys development and the babys heart beat

Can you feel the babys heart beating?

yes feel your tummy and you feel a little heart beat in there

Why would your unborn baby not have a heart beat?

babys can go die in a hole wat a a stupid question of cause they have a heart beat or there dead

Can you feel the babys heart beat?

No, you can never feel it but at the ultrasound you can see and hear it.

Can you hear babys heart beat at 7 weeks?

possibly doctors usually check the heartbeat at your first check up to confirm pregnancy by test and heartbeat to make sure your fetus is alive.

How many times does a babys heart beat in a minute?

the times is more than 80 or below it.

Why do doctors check someones heart beat?

Doctors check your heart beat to make sure your healthy and your heart isn't having any problems of any heart attacks or heart diseases.

I am 7 weeks pregnant and my baby's heart beat is only 86 is that normal?

A normal heart beat is suppose to be from 120-180 around that time. When i go to the doctors my babys heart beat was always about 150. I would ask you're doctor sweetey! Good luck

Why would baby's heart beat be 177 at 38 weeks?

it's normal. babys heart beats much more rapidly than an adults. even after its born and unfants heart beat can climb over 200,especially when upset.

How can you feel are hear the baby's heart beat?

You can hear it if you buy a headset designed for listening to the babys heart or when you go to your ultrasound scan you can ask the nurse to hear it.

Does it mean you are pregnant if you feel pulse in your belly?

yes you can feel the babys heart beat and feel the baby kicking around

When can you hear a babys heart beat in pregnancy?

WHEN you go to the doctors to see what it is and when your around 8 months you can hear it when you stick your ear to your stomach.

How does an insect's heart beat?

How does an insects heart beat How does an insects heart beat How does an insects heart beat How does an insects heart beat

If babys heartbeat is 129 how many wks pregnant?

My baby's heart beat is also 129 and I'm 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant

How fast does a ten month old baby's heart beat?

I'm not a doctor but I do now some medical things babys heart beats about 150 per min but it does depends how old the baby is

When assessing a victim you first check for what?

Heart beat, airway, then you check for any injuries that are on the persons body.

What should you observe when checking for signs of life?

what you should check for is a heart beat

Can't hear babys heartbeat with Doppler?

The doctor should be able to hear the babies heart beat with a Doppler after about 16 weeks. If you are more than 16 to 20 weeks pregnant and the doctor can not hear a heart beat then you need an ultrasound to make sure the baby is ok.

Why is my age important when I use a heart rate calculator?

You average heart rate is based on your age. In young babys and childern there hearts beat faster than an adults. Same with teenagers they average heart rate would be different than that of an adults.

How big is a squirrel's heart?


Can you feel a heart beat at 8 weeks?

You will not be able to feel a heart beat, but a heart beat can be detected. Usually at around 5 weeks a heart beat can be heard.

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