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Hey I just did it, You should really just refill the gear box if anything to check it. If you are under the car, You will see the tranny pan and plug. Further to the rear you will see another plug, That is how you drain the gear box. Before you drain, take of the fill plug which is on the very back of the tranny. Its an 11/16 bolt. To refill is tricky. I just bought 2 feet of fuel hose and attached it to a small funnel, stick the hose in the bolt hole at the back of the transmissin and begin filling VERY slow. I filled till it spiled out a little. Anyways, I guess to answer your question, The bolt at the rear of the tranny is the check point. If your fingers are small enough stick it in and feel around for the fluid. My experience wasnt so great with that method so that's why i just drained and refilled.

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Q: How do you check gearbox oil level 1998 Camry?
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