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Q: How do you check gearbox oil level on Cavalier V6 man?
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Your clutch seem to be slipping on 1997 cavalier?

Man. or Auto. manual trans-- clutch maybe glazed or worn out.It is a 97 you know.Drop the tranny and replace while it is off.(release bearing too) auto trans-- check the fluid level and smell it for a smell like of burning brakes.The clutch may be burnt out.

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TRANSMISSION!!!!!!!!, TRANSMISSION. First check the level of transmission fluid and if there is fluid in there ( to check fluid warm up engine and check the level with the transmission in PARK and the engine must be running) smell the fluid if it has a burnt smell and is dark then you may have fried your transmission. A transmission repair can be expensive so please get at least three repair quotes. DEAD tranny man........

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