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Well you can see it by your stats it shows your mission progress aswell as how much the people you are involved with at that time respect or like you.

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Where do you get DBZ mod for GTA SA?

a lot of people surely like DBZ! the garage on has all the mods in the world, and not just for gta4! check it out!

Are there sharks in gta4?

Well no but people say but no because there are garbege that looks like sharks but no i have the game

Do you get something if you get H's and A's like respect 100 percent in gta4 tbogt?

Complete all activities once with H and A and it counts as 5% towards 100% completion of the game.

How do you make a game like gta4?


What does Carmen like in gta4?

look at . they should have a big list of likes and dislike over friends i believe

What does calling other people in gta4 online do?

you can speak to them more clearly and directly like if you were in a private chat with background noise.

How do you skip a mission on GTA4?

You can't skip missions in gta4 but like in the in some you can choose to make deals or kill them but it will effect the game later on.

Do people respect hairstylists?

it just matters who the person is and if they like it or not

How do you get a f 22 in GTA4?

There's no F22. There's no flyable ariplanes in GTA IV. If u check on other sites, like youtbe etc. u will get rick roll'd

How do you give respect?

Treat people, with kindness, as you would like to be treated. Respect in the sense treating others with humanity.

How do you get armandos and henriques respect and like to go up on gta4 tbogt?

The next time they want to go out, try taking them to one of the girlie clubs (Triangle Club or Honkers). Henriques mentions the air hockey too.

Where is the dukes car on GTA4?

poor ares like where your first safehouse was

Why respect is important?

Respect is important if you want everyone to notice you and have people obey most things you say. It is like this. If you did not have any respect from anybody, people are like spitting on you. Beat you up for no reason, pay no attention, and stuff like that. Respect helps you mentally and socially, so you want respect to have friends, be noticeable, not have bad thoughts, and to be happy. Respect is like a superstar with thousands of fans cheering for him/her. I think if you know a person named Justin Bieber, a singer, he can relate to this somehow. Most girls respect him by being crazed fans, going to concerts, and just watching his performance. Most people do not respect him, because they are jealous. These people rather bring him down. Who knows? However, the bottom line is, respect gets you ahead in life.

In respect of or in respect to?

With respect more like it.

How do you get people to like you at primary and treat you with respect and know you?

If you act normal they will like you, if you act abnormal they will not like you

Does plasma have a definite size and shape?

No. It is just like a gas in this respect.No. It is just like a gas in this respect.No. It is just like a gas in this respect.No. It is just like a gas in this respect.

How do you like someone is different to respect someone?

We respect people for a variety of reasons, which usually boil down to their having power over us in some way. We like people because they are pleasant to be around.

Should you do it like people do it but how you want to do how other people do it?

if u want people to do what u want them to do, show them how by doing it yourself. example: if you want people to respect you, you respect them first & listen to their opinions first.

What is a PC DVD game?

gta4 is a game of PC DVD's games like that

How does Taylor Lautner treat other people?

he treats them like respect <3

Does opra like black people?

because they are black and they come from a different country and people should respect that

How do you deal with the public?

Very simply, treat people like you would like to be treated. With respect and honesty.

Why doesn't people like me?

Check your habits. If you have negative habits check them.

What is the UFO cheat code number for gta 4 xbox 360?

There is no UFO in GTA4. People mod their game to mae things look like jets and stuff.

If you use cheats on gta4 will the gameplay start glitching like on the old games?

It shouldn't.